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I know it is last minute with Christmas being Friday but check out these stocking stuffers I found for my little ones

#1 Some crayon rolls for us in the car from Little Lourve

#2 Funky Frog beanie toy from Woddle Bots

#3 Egg & Spoon Race from ELC

#4 Stilts from ELC

Then of course there is the standard undies, books & drawing supplies included. I know that the crayon rolls and egg & spoon race will be a hit in this house.

4 more sleeps to go.....

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So I brought my daughter her first ever nappy, she has never had a purchased MCN before as she has always worn what I have made and seconds at that. Poor second child :)

I brought her one of the new ERO Cute Tooshies that are available from Bubblebubs and OMG I want more. More importantly I want some fabric so I can make her a matching outfit to show off her nappy.

We got the top one, Red Abstract and I think I want more.

Now off to find some fabric to make to make a matching dress.

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Cate is the latest addition to the Woddle Bots family and could easily be yours to take home for that special little person in your life.

She is handmade by a wonderful friend of mine.

She can be found at Woddle Bots or on Esty for our international shoppers

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This morning I went by to a good friends place to collect my new product pictures, she kindly offered to take them for me earlier in the week and well she now has to come back on Friday this week to take pictures of the stock already online because everything looks AMAZING.

Be thanks to De for everything, I really appreciate it.

What do you think? Can't wait to see what work she can do with some model pictures in the New Year in preparation for the new website.

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Sunday has been and gone, and with it saw my very last market for 2009.

Not the best end to the year as it was 39+ degrees in Perth which mean that many people took the best option to stay home where it was cool. None the less we went to Market saw a few familiar faces, some new and then packed up early to head home to the cool ourselves.

Here is to 2010 being another fabulous year for our Market appearances.

See you on 10th January 2010 @ Mundaring Markets, our first for the new year.

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Thought it was about time I shared some of my recent fabric purchases with you all. I have found a great new range which I am in love with and can't wait to create something out of it come the New Year.

And some old favourites

Still got plenty of the chickens in blue too :)

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I was asked by a friend of mine if I could design some tool rattles to give to her friends little ones that have just arrived earthside.

Here are a few that I have finished, what do you think??

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What a day!

Yesterday saw us attend The George Street Festival in East Freo, a busy, fruitful & long day out in the wonderful WA sun. The festival was a great day out, from what I saw and our location was prefect right next to the play ground with all the activities for the children.

We introduced Bridget and she was only with us for a very short time, like 1 hour before she went home with a wonderful woman for her little person for Christmas.

Some pictures from the market of course.

Can't wait for next weekend at Mundaring, our last market for the year.

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By far my favourite fabric design and my chicken obsessed daughter loves it.