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Do you know what those are?
Do you know what you do with them?

Well I have decided that I need to find something else to do & why not with the cooler weather coming do something warmer. Something that I imagine people doing with a nana blanket on their knee, in front of a nice open fire. Something that my nana used to do with her eyes closed.

I am going to teach myself how to crochet, or at least try to teach myself. Here are some things I would love to create.... ON DAY!

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This weeks Thursday Treasure is dedicated to all of our 'Cheeky Monkeys', my terribly cheeky ones in particular.

This is perfect for the wall of a room for your little monkey. Styley Walls are amazing and if I could get my children on board it would be on the walls in our house.

What about a sock monkey to keep your little monkey entertained. WuggaBird's Shop have some amazing handmade monkeys.

Everything little monkey needs to keep clean, what about these wash clothes from Sweet Things.

I am totally amazing with these, they are such a wonderful idea and so simple, yet so very practical. Check out these reusable snap bags from Mama Made.

Now I have shown you all items from Giggle Berry before but I just couldn't go past this monkey bunting, perfect for that cheeky monkey in your life.

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Woddle Bots is proud to be sponsoring a Green Promise Nappy in a new environmental initiative presented by My Green

The 100 Green Promise Nappies Initiative: It’s a Giveaway Event!

Running during Winter 2010 from June 1 to July 15, The Green Promise Nappy Initiative is an online contest in which you can win a modern cloth nappy for your baby to wear. These nappies are donated to go out into the community and act as ambassadors for ‘nappy change’ as they dispell myths about modern nappies…

What better way to try out a Woddle Bots Stripe-It AIO than to WIN one?

Our Green Promise Nappy is a very green Medium Stripe-It nappy.

Register to play at My Green for a chance to WIN one of these special ‘Cloth Ambassador’ nappies!

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Today we went to my husbands Nana's 90th birthday celebration. The weather was terrible today but it was still a lovely afternoon.

Last night, all snuggled & warm in the house I got inspired to make something special for Kyla to wear for the occasion. This twirl skirt & applique long sleeve T was the results {model picture aren't the best}

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How disorganised can one person be, I can't believe that it is Thursday already!

With winter fast approaching & the need {or want} to be all rugged up. I thought a 'woolen' theme would be the way to go. So here are this weeks Treasures, found on Made It.

Blog world meet 'Maybel', Maybel meet 'blog world'.
Isn't this handmade woolen chicken just adorable. There are many more friends over at Fybre just waiting for a new home.

What about something to keep your little tot's feet warm? These adorable reclaimed fabric shoes are just amazing, not to mention unique. Check them out at Sevilla Designs.

And to finish off today, what about something unique & different. There is a great range of felted products at Snowpea Handmade.

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Will let the pictures tell you everything....

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All that natural has to offer, just down the road from my place {all be it a very bumpy, muddy road that day}

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We all love to dream of quiet, of tranquility & of all those things that seem so distant, yet so very real. I often wonder what goes through the mind of a butterfly, something I think is exactly those things. They, like many things come in different shapes & sizes, different colours & controls but they are all beautiful in their own way {something we should all remember of ourselves}. So today we look for butterflies......

These awesome butterflies are a great way to bring the outdoors, indoors. To help bring something wonderful to life in a bedroom, well any room really. From EvaQ, they are great value & it's made better with free worldwide shipping.

A butterfly for your little one to take with them everywhere, something for everyone to look at & admire. This adorable head elastic is from ButtonsbyLouLou and is simply elegant.

I'll be totally honest, my first thought when I saw this set was "that little one is so adorable, what a great shot", don't you agree? What a wonderful set of all things natural, so many wonderful things at Mountain Aven Baby just waiting to be checked out.

How cute is this little number?? What a great way to have a cute butterfly for all to see and for your little tot to have something, all of their own! Initial Here Gifts are right on the money with this idea.

A perfect way to teach the value of a dollar, while letting them know that we need to enjoy all things outdoors. This hand painted piggy bank as been transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Over at Andrea Wandell Designs there are many more things butterflies for your to flutter over.

There are hundreds and thousands of wonderful butterfly related items, some like the below are even free. Happy colouring.

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Everyone loves a SALE & we need to move some of this Spring/Summer stock to make way for some wonderful Autumn/Winter items.

Woddle Bots is offering 25% OFF all Spring/Summer items

& as an added bonus

15% OFF all nappies

Sales runs from today through till 31st May 2010.

A bonus for those reading out blog, use the code BLOG510 for an additional 10% OFF your clothing purchase.

Quick, go now before you miss out

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