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Our monthly update of markets dates and locations!

~ 14th March 2010
Mundaring Markets - Nicol Street Mundaring
9am - 3pm

~ 21st March 2010
Mathilda Markets - Broome Street Cottesloe
9am - 1pm

~ 11st April 2010
Mundaring Markets - Nicol Street Mundaing
9am - 3pm

If you think of any other WA markets you might like to see us at, simply contact us with the details :)

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World meet 'Zara'
Zara meet world.

This is the newest addition to our family, a 7 week old Boxer puppy.

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A picture says a thousand words!

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WOW! Says it all about these really.

I found this adorable stationery set this week while site jumping. It is made by Ideas Take Flight and WOW her ideas will certainly be taking flight right into my letter box next month when the cash flow agrees a little more.

And while we are on the topic of shoes check out these amazing Western Australian made Stompers which you can get over at Karri Tree Lane. If only my babies had smaller feet. Guess I could always just have more babies?

Aren't these covered buttons just amazing? They look so perfect and would be the perfect finish to a simple pinnie, dress or even just added to the front of a top. I found these on Made It and they're made by Buttons by Lou Lou

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Not sure what that icon is? but are intrigued?

Well Woddle Bots is again a sponsor of the Great Down Under Cloth Nappy hunt, which is due to started on 1st March 2010 and runs for the entire month. It is an online hunt through 150 different sites for that little icon up there {well not that exact one, give we are now in 2010 but one like it}. The more you find the better the prize you can go into the draw for.

It is fun, frustrating, enjoyable, time consuming & well expensive if you buy at all the sites that you visit. Most stores offer great specials during the hunt too.

Go over and register now to hunt you life away over the month of March.

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Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim set a challenge for the weekend, here where the details:

{copied from FMS Blog}
This is how it works for those playing at home for the first time.
At some point this week you grab your camera {be it DSLR, polaroid, phone etc}.
You switch it on.
You pick some part of your weekend that you want to share {it could be the sun shining, the beach, your breakfast, your bed, your friend, your coffee, you, anything}.
You take your camera and you snap a picture of that something.
You come back on Monday and share your photo.
Easy and fun.
You don't have to be a photographer {I'm not}, you just have to have a sense of fun and a camera of some sort.

And of course here is my contribution. {not all technically from this weekend but pictures of me & mine nonetheless}

I am very impressed with the pictures that have me in them to because {A} that never happens, I am always behind the camera and {B} turns out my husband actually does know how to use the camera after all.

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I know, I know!

It is way to early to be thinking about Christmas already but given how quickly things book I really do need to start planning what/where & when we will be heading off on our yearly family holiday. last year we left it to late but thankfully managed to get my BIL's family holiday house which was lovely but a little to quiet a location for my husband.

So this year I need to work out where. Do we want to hit the beach?

Or the dirt?

Of {my favourite} the forrest?

Every year it is camping and for the moment while the smallest is still in nappies at a caravan park for easy of washing the nappies. So where would you choose?

H.E.L.P me decide, please. {as long as it isn't the second option as that would be a little boring, and well hot}

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Some more pictures to keep you guessing.....

Online in March :)

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Better late than never, but I promise these will not disappoint.

First off the rank is something to tickle your taste buds and in time for that dreaded Easter shopping. I recently got some of Harry's Rocky Road for a pregnant friend to cheer her up, it worked and now she has her babe in arms. My wish list for Easter is getting longer by the minute too.....

These adorable petti skirts from Charlipop Kids look amazing, an awesome range of colours. They even have some great specials if you are a member of her facebook page, go and check it out.

I'm currently trying really REALLY hard to not get some of these cute Hug-a-lugs that Vicki over at Bubblebubs has just added to her range of stock items. What is better is that there is no shipping charge on them.

And to finish off today my most favourite sweet shop from the southwest is no online. Oh.My.God I am not sure that my waist line is going to enjoy this. Go on, check out the Candy Cow.

Happy shopping folks and remember to share if you find something, cute to wear or something yummy to eat.

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We've had a change, just incase you haven't noticed.

What do you think??

{I am not overly happy with the header but am calling it a night, stay tuned}

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Something that has been going through my mind for the last few months is: 'What do I want to be when I grow up?'. Yes in theory I am already grown up, I turned 30 last year but do I really want to return to my pre-child job. Really that is all is was, was a job. Not a career, not something I truly enjoyed, not my calling and certainly not what I thought I would be doing when I 'grew up'.

There are many things that I remember wanting to do when I was younger....

For the longest time I wanted to be a hairdresser, then as I got older I realised I would have to touch other peoples heads, and that totally turned me off! That and I hated doing my own hair how could I do someone else

This was really high on the list, even did some studies in high school towards it and of course work experience. It was the work experience that scared me for life. Oh.My.God I would have to change nappies, how could they expect me to do that?? Honestly, looking back now what was I thinking that the little ones would stay in their nappies for the whole day or better yet just change themselves. If only I knew then what i do now.

This was by far the most random of my ambitions, probably because I was only 5 at the time.

Argh the old fall back faithful, the one I wish I had pursued, the one I wonder if it is too late to start now? Helping little people learn and become the people they want to be. So many questions and still 15 years later so few answers.

One day I'll grow up, surely?


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I think that I have been in denial for the better part of 3 weeks that my little man is in fact growing up, that he is in fact 4 and that he is in fact, without a doubt his own person!

At the beginning of the month Kaleb started Kindy, at the local Primary School. To say he was excited about it would be an understatement, he was over the moon. To say I was excited would be an understatement, I too was over the moon, whilst being somewhat in denial.

I wasn't allowed to stay for more than 5 minutes he kept saying "Are you going yet Mummy?" & "Why haven't you gone yet Mum?", oh I felt the love.

He is enjoying it and I am enjoying it.

Hiding in the tree, thanks so much for making taking the picture so easy kaleb

"Stop taking my picture already Mum!"

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That time of the week again and WOW you should see some of the wonderful items I have found in my travels. This weeks creations are the result of scouring some forums I have a member of, I could have kept going for hours.

Check out 'Apple' isn't it the most adorable owl you have ever seen. While not designed to be played with by children it would look adorable up on a bookshelf or on a dresser.

These horses are just so simple, yet so cute. They come from Lily & Geroge

I think I am drawn to this one because the model is just so darn cute! This teething bib is available from Lila & May. Have a look around their site as they also have some awesome little snuggle wraps for your little bubba.

Bet you remember these from your childhood or from pictures from your parents childhood. These playsuits are just adorable, Little Red Wagon have done an awesome job in reproducing a vintage favourite.

Found something during your internet shopping that you want to share with us, please drop us aline.

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Just had to share something I find totally inspiring.

Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim has been blogging for a while now and boy does she have a loyal following. Her writing style is just amazing and her ability to get people involved is even better, a real inspiration.

Simply from her blogging she has had some awesome opportunities arise for guest articles and even has a spot over at Kidspot.

Her latest adventure is a little e-book called : "Let's Give them Something to Blog about". Can't wait to get my copy and see what it is all about. Might even see some more inspired posts over here at inspired by children.

Go over, take a look, see for yourself.

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Better late than never, is that what the saying is??

Has been so busy around here of late that I am not sure which is my tail & which is my head. Thankfully once the new site is up and running I might have more time to work this out, or to reattach myself to my machines.

Here are a few pictures of the new products that will be at our next market, this weekend and that will be loaded online ready for the beginning of March. Follow our blog or join our facebook page just incase we am super organised and we go live earlier.

More to come, I promise there is quite a few sets for the little men and also some wonderful news prints for the little woman. Oh and another winter sneak speak will be up before the weekend.

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We have been busy working behind the scenes on a new site, one that is easier to use, easier on the eyes & packed to the rafters (or is that screen) with new products.

So here is a sneak peak to keep you going....

The new site will go live right in time for the Great Down Under Cloth Nappy Hunt, starting 1st March 2010.

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It's that time of the week again and I have found some awesome creations, of the food variety. Check these out.

Check out this adorable handmade carrot, doesn't it just look delish. You can find them at bauble.

Isn't this outfit to die for! It features both apples & pears on it. Check it out at BrusselSpourts

A different kind of Apple, from Woddle Bots

Something to keep your little tot clean while they are enjoying their fruit. I found this little beauty on Etsy

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Busy busy busy is what it is around this house at the moment.

With my biggest little person starting Kindy tomorrow morning and me busy preparing for a busy market March finding time for other things is going to be a little hard.

So our next market will be

Hopefully we'll see you there :)

Also if you know of any markets in WA that you think Woddle Bots should hold a stall at, drop us aline and let us know.