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I have had some wonderful pictures from clients come in of late so thought I would share a few.

Baby Ella in her Bow AIO Nappy
Jonty in his Short & Shirt Set
Xavier in his Applique T

Xavier with his matching Large Wrap/Blanket
Got some pictures of your little ones, share them with us

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Following my 'finish started projects' strek, here are some pictures of the new soft handmade toys that will be added to our range very shortly.

An old favourite first, our Funky Froggies

A new favourite, our friend Morraffe the Giraffe

One more that I am almost finished starts with E and I will hopefully have pictures for the end of the week. What do you think it is?

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Yesterday appears that Perth finally remembered it was spring and provided us with some fabulous weather, which we took advantage of by heading out for a game of mini golf. While out I managed to get some great pictures of my two in their little handmade outfits.

Kyla is wearing a new design I have been playing with and for a first go it actually went really well. a few adjustments are going to be made with the bloomers but other than that I am really happy with how it turned out. What do you think?

My little golfer

As good as a picture of the two of them gets at the moment

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Better late than never, but with photoshop problems, teething little one and trees falling down my 'free time' has been limited.

So here, finally are the pictures of the new little woman's sets that I have listed at Woddle Bots and took to the Markets earlier this month. There are quite a few more coming for our October stocking and also something else I have been working one.

The first are a cross back set.

The next are a cross front.

I believe nothing beats the innocence of a little one wearing a cute little set with bloomers on a beautiful spring day or warm summers day. So cool and functions, while maintaining their innocence.

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New Sets & an Old Favourite in new patterns. I am in love with the Alexander Henry patterns of those last dresses, will look amazing in the spring with tights and perfect for the summer sun.

All of these are available on Woddle Bots by the end of the week, am adding as I get the time.

Sets for the Little Man & the Little Woman

Old favourites

There is still the ~NEW~ dresses & top/bloomer sets to come.

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We have now got a small range of clips available for your little one. Bright, Funky, Simple & Cute there is a range of colours and combinations to choice from.

Available online now at Woddle Bots.

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Better late than never I guess :)

Well we had the Mundaring Markets on Sunday and whilst it was slow the feedback for our new items was awesome. Here are a few pictures of the new items we took with us and another post will follow with closer pictures, promise.

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It can only mean one of two things:
#1 I am busy sewing or shopping?
#2 I am running the house...

Guess what, yet again has won in this instance. That's right #1.

So, I know things have been quiet but since my holiday I am still having serious motivation issues, not to mention serious time to get everything that needs to be done issues. Add to this trying to become a healthier me, family and well life is getting in the way of my lovely blog. I promise I will try to come back in more regularly.

For the moment however her are some wonderful new fabrics that I have orders and should be hear very shortly.

Joel Dewberry Columbine Natural

Windham Traffic Jam Stripes Blue
Windham Traffic Jam Dots Green
Windham Merry Mushrooms Chocolate

Of course there are also all of the fabrics that have arrived in the last few weeks, bit you will have to wait a few more days for pictures of finished projects to see those ones.

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Things have been very quiet around here lately, AGAIN!

Have been busy preparing for the Cloth Nappy Hunt which is running for the month of September, not to mention sewing for custom nappy/clothing orders & preparing for our next market in 2 weeks time. Add to that husband birthday, still recovering from my holiday, getting things organised for Mum's 50th Birthday and I am so what time poor when it comes to sitting in front of a computer.

But to keep you going while I am busy creating I thought I would share pictures of Kyla in one of our new creations for Spring. Just from her wearing it once I have three custom orders for this little number, which for non cloth nappy users does come with matching bloomers.

Be sure to check back as I will have pictures of our latest stock and also be announcing a competition!