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My little one dressed herself this particular morning, interesting combination.

She picked her blue cord chicken dress, purple skivy, bright red ruffle cords & pink tights to go under those. Trend setter before her time this one.

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The pictures will say it all, am more than 85% there with my order and some of the items are even packed. Have even managed to pop some items in for other custom orders & stock for our next market.

{A calming tea to start the morning off}

{One of the many piles of cut items}

Here is hoping that the next pictures I share are of a completed, packed & ready to ship order.

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Took a break from the sewing machine, pile of fabric, pins, scissors & metres of cotton invading my living room to head out this chilli Sunday for some new additions to our garden....


Something that my little ones both love. They love to look at them, chase them {just like the puddy dog Zara} and of course collect eggs.

Not 100% sure of the breeds as I brought them purely for looks

And of course a picture of my little chicken enjoying the new chickens added to the pen.

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Given my currently need to bake all manner of yummy things I thought that a search for 'bake' on Etsy would show some wonderful items.

These cookies look simply adorable. Made from felt by Lindas Krafty Kreations they are a must for any little person's pretend kitchen.

A picture says a thousand words, as they always says and this one is no exception. Something for me to drool over. I discovered this at Lucky Bluebirds Art.

I obviously want to torture myself today because they wooden measuring spoons are just amazing. Something handy, something unique & something I Out Numbered Novelties.
What will they think of next?
Food on earrings, my children would want to try to eat them or maybe I would want to eat them. They even make ice-creams over at Baby Loves Pink.

Not sure that you want to search the word 'bake' on Etsy if you are hungry either because Oh.My.God there is heaps of yummy looking actual foods on there and now, at this time I want to go and bake :-). Enjoy!

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If you had these fabrics, what could you see them becoming??

With a few markets coming up in July, the first being the 4th I am hoping to slot in a little stock sewing before to take some new creations with me. These fabrics have arrived in my hot little hands already, not to mention the new prints I have for the little men.

Throw your suggestions at me, please.

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Recently I was contacted by a wonderful woman in FNQ wanting to stock a range of our clothing products. After many confusing emails {that is what small people do to everything} a range for her was decided & I did a heap of ordering. Now the sewing has begun.

I have only made a SMALL start on what is the biggest order I have had for a retailer so far {which is wonderful}. Here is a few pictures from the last few days & I will share more in the coming days/weeks as I work on the finished products.

{obviously this is what keeps me going.... Diet Coke}

Can't wait to share the retailer with you, but for the moment you will just have to take the progress pictures instead.

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This week has seen me chained the sewing machine, in a BIG WAY! The first wholesale order was for Heather & Alison over at Handle with Care Nappy & Baby Boutique.

What a massive pile of super cute & cuddly nappies that turned out to be. Here they are, with a few close up of my favourites of the lot.

For those in Canberra they wonderful woman from will be at Mathilda Markets on the 27th June, be sure to pop down & say hello.

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Thought it was time to share some pictures of our market stall given it has been a few months. We had our monthly market in Mundaring last weekend & what a wonderful sunny winters day it turn out to be.

People everywhere enjoying the glorious weather.

July will see as at:
4th - Art n About {Wannerroo}
11th - Mundaring Rotary {Mundaring}

For those in WA don't forget to drop us an email if you would like to see us somewhere {}

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Been very slack in the sharing of new products department, but here are some pictures of some new products for the chiller months. These will be with us this Sunday at Mundaring Markets at our introductory price and online very soon.

{Feel free to email us if you are after a custom or want to discuss any of our wonderful products}

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There is almost an echo around here, isn't there?

Having had a wonderful visitor last weekend and trying to catch up on washing & sewing & cleaning & sleeping this week, not much of the later happening I can tell you. Figured seeing we have been missing for the better part of two weeks, the best way to make a return is with pictures.

A wonderful morning at Kings Park
{made me realise I should make the drive there with the little ones more often}

{promise I didn't walk off the path}

A sunny winter's day spent in Fremantle