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I mean really, how much fabric does one person need? When A ~ they currently don't have time to sew clothes as she should be making nappies for her stocking in umm a week and B ~ her children really do have more than enough clothes so neither shopping or A should be high on the list.

BUT I just can't help myself!
I must have more fabric, new fabric, different fabric. I see fabric and ideas of combinations come to my head and then of course I must have it.

Do I have anyone to blame for my latest shopping trip? Ummm NO not really, although I guess I could blame J as he didn't say NO to me going but that is a bit of a stretch.

So what did I get I hear you all asking.... 20 + METRES.....

So this one is actually for me. I brought a lovely LOVELY wrap skirt for myself when I was in KL and decided it was simple to make so got this to make another. Either that or some cool linen pants.

Am thinking of a nice pants/top combination for this set. It is a cotton drill so will be a warmer/heavier wear and can be layered nicely with any of those colour, although I would probably use white.

I just had to have all of these. Really love the first and the last (both bugs cotton). The others are a drill cotton. Going to do some dresses, keep some to go with cord for pinnies and even some top/pants combos.

These where an impulse buy while I was getting fabric cut. My girlfriend and I decided that they would make a great pair of overalls. The patches as the main part with the stripes as ruffle trim on the bottom, also on a matching top & a pocket. Although their is plenty of this drill so can probably do more than just that, we'll see.

So that was the trip. I could have gotten so much more but given I actually went to buy fleece I decided to stop when I was in front, so to speak. Can't wait for a few more weeks when hopefully there will be some cord and heavier fabric available for winter. Promise it will only be a couple and only what I need for what I plant o make....Sure K like we believe you.


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Well the pink dress that I had cut and almost finished before I went on holidays, I finally finished and you will never guess what I gave it away to a girlfriend without even taking picutres....
Thankfully she was happy to take a few for me and even promised a modelled picture for me soo, can't wait.


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And it totally isn't my fault! Alissa mention fabric shopping on Etsy, so me being me had to have a look and see..... It resulted in me finding....

Fabricworm ~ they are US based but have some awesome fabric choices and even packages.

What did I get I hear you asking, well two different packs and I can't wait for them to arrive :)

Joel Dewberry.

Keri Beyer.

So I have 9 yards in totally coming and I can't wait. Now to find some new ideas and yet my new sewing machine ;)


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Well Liss asked me earlier in the week, "When are you making winter stuff :P"

It has crossed my mind many times before and I have so many ideas in my head, but I am such a Spring/Summer person. They are such bright and bubbly seasons, so easy to create for, so easy to sew for. I am so not a winter person, I find it so hard to feel inspired.....

I have visions of a Cord Pinafore with cotton ruffles & pocket for Kyla, match it with a body suit with ruffle bottom. Brown cord, with pink or pink cord with a darker cotton. Some pants with a swing top that I can layer too....

Overalls are always a favourite in this house and I would love a brown pair for Kaleb, just need to work out a nice pattern.

So I need to find some inspiration, some fabric (of course :) ) and sometime. Worse case scenario I can just layer all these summer clothes that I have LOL.


CHALLENGE ~ Send me some inspiration for winter, a picture, a pattern, fabric selections and I might even whip something up for you!

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Red was certainly a stand out with this next lot of items, all of which I managed to finish before our holiday and I am really happy with the set that I for Kaleb, he even wore it on his first day at pre-Kindy too. The pillow case dress for Kyla however I definitely need to play with, whilst it did look nice on I am not 100% happy with it.

And modelled pictures, you have a look and tell me what you think?

So there we have it, a few more finished. I have an adorable pink dress pinned to finish at the moment too but the time to finish it I don't have. Need to play catch up on the house after our holiday, then make some nappies and hopefully before the end of the month I will find sometime to cut and sew a few more girlie creations.
Am also looking for inspiration for something for Kaleb, given sooner rather than later it will be cooler weather I want something different and funky for him, so throw some ideas my way when you have a chance.
Best run, the family are calling

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I cut this a little while ago out of the Yellow Retro Dot fabric (man I so wish that I had purchased more of that than I did) and finally had time to stitch it today, then finish it tonight.

And I love it. Not entirely convinced that it will fit Kyla right now but it looks amazing.

I've made it reversable, although the inner fabric doesn't work as reversable so well this time but I have some wonderful ideas for some of my other more shall I say PINK fabrics.

Kyla also wore the top/pants set that I finished earlier in the week today. It looked every so cute on her but I do (as I suspected) need to make some adjustments to the top as it is slightly too big for her around the chest.

Best run going to cut another one of those dresses and see if I can't finish it before out holiday.