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OK so this is the first time I have done this and I am so excited :)

I am going to run a competition, I need some help picking from the great range of fabrics I recently discovered - I'm in so much trouble - from Fabricworm. So what is the challenge I hear you asking???

I would like to pick four different fabrics, at least two that can work together to make creations for my Oz Handmade store. The person or person that fit the fabrics that best suit my needs will go into a random draw to win 1/2 a yard of their choice of fabric or a Woddle Bots creation made from them from their choice if fabric.

So get shopping, competition closes 7th May 2009 so that gives you a little under a week to pick the best fabric's possible :) Leave your links either in the comments or email them to me at


ETA - Also be sure to check out our Mad May Sales which starts today, for the entire month of May. One sale at Woddle Bots & Oz Handmade, different sales at different sites!

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So I was bored and looking at Etsy... Like we always do and got stuck on fabrics again, and well I have now discovered a website.

A whole entire website FULL OF AMAZING FABRICS.

I have brought from them before, off Etsy but WOW there is so much here, so much to chose from and I can't even begin to think on where to look.

Fabric Worm

Honestly have a look, check it out and while you are at it look at some fabrics you think that I should think about possibly, maybe purchasing in the near future :)

Happy looking and hopefully not buying, I know it is taking all my might not to fill my cart!

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's off to sewing I go :)

Alright so enough of me trying to be funny and give you all a laugh at my expense, did it work??

So I have been back behind my machine this week whipping up some more creations for little tots. I went a little cord crazy at my last shopping trip so have gone a little cord crazy in my making too it would appear.

First there is a set for a little woman. I really love the pokka dot fabric and figured it would look perfect with matching cord and coordinating top. So we have a pink top with pokka dot ruffles with matching brown cord pants complete with coordinating pockets & ruffles.

Size 2

Next is a pair of black cord pants with a cute cotton cuff. Would look great with an applique grey top I think, even white.

Size 6-12months

And lastly a another pair of cord pants (getting the theme here), this time dark blue with the rocket cuffs, which again would look awesome with a white top and matching applique.

Size 3-6 months

These will be available from our Oz Handmade store come Monday.

Hopefully with some time over the long weekend I might even have somemore offerings and check back during May as I am going to run a Mad May Competition for blog reads :)

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What a week it has been and I really do feel like I haven't stopped.

Between the children, the housework, the running around, the shopping and of course setting up the new website and then a store on Oz Handmade... I feel like I haven't stopped, although I must have as I did manage to finish yet another book :)

So where are we at I hear you asking?

~ Woddle Bots new store is ready to go and just waiting patiently or not so for the domain to switch over to the new site, hopefully by Monday still.

~ Woddle Bots @ Oz Handmade has a heap of products loaded already and I am pretty impressed with how things are looking, has to be something right? I still have a few more pictures to take tomorrow (weather is shocking here today so not the best lighting) and hopefully get those last few items up on the site ready for the launch on Monday.

~ Shopping, I went again and got somemore winter fabrics not to mention some that arrived here by the lovely postman during the week.

~ Sewing, I finished a birthday present, a few other items and also some nappies and I have pictures to share with you. The nappies are something different, something I hadn't done for a long time (well some) and something I haven't done before at all. Let me know what you think.

Alright, well back to it I guess because otherwise I am not going to meet my deadlines. Will be back at some stage to show the clothing pictures.


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There you have it, a tiny look of something that is coming very soon to Woddle Bots. Not only do I have a new look website almost complete, but it will also be available from....

Come Monday :)

From there, there might also be a select few of our children's clothing items available for purchase. A chance for us to to test the market and get a feel for what it is that people are after.

So wish me luck.

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to Woddle Bots!

My nappy making site is moving to new premises. Well not quite but the website is getting an upgrade, a swanky new look.

I'm hoping that everything will be ready to launch by the end of this month, hopefully with some new creations on offer too.

It is very exciting indeed!

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...... oh to be able to turn this voice off in my head.

I have been wondering for a while now what I am going to do once my children have enough clothes and once those around me are sick of clothes for presents. Then someone asked me on the phone during the week had I thought about markets.

To be totally honest the thought has crossed my mind a number of times but with that cross comes questions:
~ Are they good enough?
~ Do people really need another 'home mum sewer' to pick from?
~ Do I have the time to actually man a local market?
~ Which one? Where? Costs?

So many questions, so little time and so few answers.

I think I need to set a target on where I would like to go, what I would like to be doing, by when etc.... You know all the normal things that come with going from doing it just for you to doing it for others and of course for money.

On the topic of money, how do you decide what is right to charge? You don't want to be over priced, but you don't want to undervalue yourself either....

ummm ponderings.


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It has by far been the most productive week I have had in a long time. Even managed to sew some nappies!

Not only did I finish the PJ's for Kyla in the last post, but I managed to do two pairs for Kaleb along with some cord/top sets for both of the kids. Although I managed to cut the pants for Kyla with the cord going in a tub fashion so they do look a little odd.

Alright here goes, we'll start with the boring PJs first

Then we have the applique top & cord pants set for Kaleb. I am a little disappointed with the finish of the cuff on the pants, but that was more from me making a silly mistake than anything else. Nothing anyone else can see or would notice, but I know.

Actually going to make one of these sets in a much smaller size as a present for a friends little boy.

Next is a set for Kyla. Has cord pants with matching ruffle, a adorable top made from the fabric I got from the US the month before last and an applique body suit. I think it looks great and should look even better one. Even thinking if the top still fits when it gets warmer again that I will do a pair of cotton pants to match the top.

Have grand plans tonight of cutting out a present for a friends new arrival, a present for my niece for her birthday and also a few Easter presents (we don't do chocolates for children in our family).


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Both of my two needed some more PJs for winter and given the large amount of flannelet that I have in this house, I decided that I would just make them up myself. So I cut out two pairs for each, brought some cotton tops to go with them and wala more PJs.

I have only finished Kyla's so far but hopefully will have Kaleb's done by the end of the day.

Here are Kyla's, no modelled pictures yet but they looked awesome last night on her, perfect fit over her rather large cloth bottom too.

Also managed to cut some cord pants for Kaleb, now to find the time to sew them :)