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S is for someone special.

I have finally managed to dedicate sometime to cut out some clothes. Some PJ pants for Kyla, another set this time with cord pants and also a little set for a newborn girl that arrived 2 weeks ago.

So I have finished the set for Miss S and will give it to her tomorrow along with a cute little pink nappy.

What do you think?

They are a nice cotton pants, although not adjustable waist like I normally do as I had no elastic...OOPS and a matching applique top.


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With a sleeping baby, cold toes (wish I knew where those slippers where) and also a change in weather a perfect way to pass the time is to do some finger/window shopping.

I found these ones the other day, they are a Bouquet made entire of buttons. Always looks perfect, easier to clean than plastic plants and don't die like normal flowers. Discovered them on Etsy at letters4lilly

I am in love with these shoes, Kyla has a serious shoe shortage so many that can be an excuse to purchase a pair, honest just one pair. I found them here at Pedrosprout

Oh no a fabric site with amazing prints AND located in Australia. Thankfully not overly local to me but wow there is some amazing things there. It is called Fresh Fabrics and there is some great individual fabrics but also some great assorted packs, here are a few.

There are a few more finds that I will show you but it will have to wake as a certain little woman has awoken from her slumber, all be it a short one.


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Corduroy Colours!

Well not just cord, but also made/completed/finished creative colours.

Today I finally finished off overalls, a skirt (made with bonus fabric in my shipment from the US), pants/top set and a pair of pants with applique top. Today I also popped down and got myself some Navy, Bright Red, Pink & Deep Purple Corduroy.

Hopefully with one more payment my new sewing machine will arrive, am saving the cord for it, well the cord and some other lovely fabrics that are calling me currently. In the mean time I am not cutting anymore clothes until I have finished a sea of blue boy nappies.

Now without further a due pictures of my completed creations....

Size 12-18 months top/pants set
(made from drill cotton and would be perfect with either short or long sleeve top under for cooler weather)

Size 12-18 months top/pants set
(made from drill soft imported cotton)

Size 12-18 months applique shirt/pants set
(made from soft quilters cotton)

Size 12-18 months overalls
(made from drill cotton and would be perfect with either short or long sleeve top under for cooler weather)

So there you go, I particularly like the overalls this time and can't wait to see them on someone. Kyla is wearing the striped applique shirt/pants combo today as it is going to be 25 here so perfect, not too hot and not too cold. At this rate I will have to sell off all of the clothes that I actually purchased for her to wear :)


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The change in seasons and of course weather has meant I have been able to pop Kyla into some of my new creations. Pictures aren't the best as it is very hard to get an almost 12 month old to stay still and pose, but you get the idea.

The overall set is a great fit, although slightly long (but designed for 12-18 months so that is why) and the top material worked really well with the pink.

This next is the top/pants set that I finished earlier in the month made out of the heavier cotton. Works perfectly for the cooler days and will be great when it gets cool with just a plain colours top or onsie underneath. This is definitely a favourite.

In the second picture she is showing off her new 'stand alone pose' which she has been working on since our February trip to Maylasia, she thinks she is so very clever.

Have found some new motivation to sew with the fabrics I have here, although not the new ones will cut something out of those in the next week or so. But I've got some pants, top/pant sets and also overalls & pinnies.


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My Fabricworm order arrived this morning.

Can't wait to get creating, some pants, some tops, some dresses, some skirts and applique tops too.

Cutting tonight me thinks.


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It is so nice to imagine what something will look like, cut it, sew it and for the finished product to actually look like it. PERFECT.

I saw lovely wrap around skirts when I was in Maylasia and, of course, even being a 'one size' item I knew it would be hard pressed to actually do up around my stomach/hips. So figured that is alright I will be able to make that really easily when I get back to Australia.

Some cutting, some pinning, sewing, unpicking and more sewing later and it is done. The tie part is actually a little too short, but thankfully I have a snap press and it is only for me so not that much of an issue and well you wouldn't know when it is on if I hadn't told you. What do you think?

At the same time I cut this one out I also did some light weight overalls for Kyla and used some of the remianing fabric, they are a little too long but with some shoes should work fine :)

Also did a pair of pants and matching top for a birthday present. They are a 5/6 and have an adjustable wasit. Really hope that they like them.


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I was tagged recently by Liss so here goes nothing....

The Rules
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Facts by 7:
1. Am the eldest of three.
2. I married by brothers best mate.
3. I worked at McDonalds for far to many years.
4. I have been a brownie, guide & scout.
5. I have lost one of every pair of ears my husband has ever given me.
6. There is a cupboard full of unused stationary in my office.
7. I am terrible with money.

Quirks by 7:
1. Heights scare the crap out of me.
2. Have a problem with speeding while driving.
3. Currently I am good at collecting dust.
4. I have not had a full nights sleep since late 2005.
5. Washing is hung on the line in a certain order, with certain pegs.
6. My vacuum cleaner is attached to my hip.
7. My daugther is attached to my other.

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As for a pictures, this is one from our recent holiday.


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Both in weather and in my sewing!

What a weather change we have had here in the last week and I have loved every minute of it. I am such a cooler seasons person, not sure if it is because I get to hide my body under layers of clothes, because it means I get lots of snuggles or because I get to dress my kids up so they look all cuddly and warm. I just find it so relaxing and peaceful.

After weeks of drowning in nappies, I have finally managed to cut and finish off to cute kids clothes. I did a dress, which will fit Kyla some spring 2011 - yes it is a little too large so definately going away for a while. Also did a pinafore (just need to do the buttons or clips or something to close the strapes off) and a cute top/pants set.

Of course there are pictures, so here goes....

Reversible Flowers tie-shoulder dress

Reversible Pinnie.
(going to get a top for under this and add ruffles to the sleeves, might even do some pink pants with chocolate patches/ruffles)

Top & Pants.
(wear with either a bodysuit or top under in cooler weather)

Next on the list is to cute some overalls from the butterfly fabric, then possible a pants/top set I think. Can't wait for my fabric to arrive from the US so I can whip something up for Kaleb. Oh and for another shopping trip to get some heavier fabrics for winter, like cord ~ oh how I love cord (must to my husbands disgust).