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The change in seasons and of course weather has meant I have been able to pop Kyla into some of my new creations. Pictures aren't the best as it is very hard to get an almost 12 month old to stay still and pose, but you get the idea.

The overall set is a great fit, although slightly long (but designed for 12-18 months so that is why) and the top material worked really well with the pink.

This next is the top/pants set that I finished earlier in the month made out of the heavier cotton. Works perfectly for the cooler days and will be great when it gets cool with just a plain colours top or onsie underneath. This is definitely a favourite.

In the second picture she is showing off her new 'stand alone pose' which she has been working on since our February trip to Maylasia, she thinks she is so very clever.

Have found some new motivation to sew with the fabrics I have here, although not the new ones will cut something out of those in the next week or so. But I've got some pants, top/pant sets and also overalls & pinnies.


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  1. Meagan says:

    You are so clever Krys :) And Kyla is GORGEOUS! Hope to meet her when you guys are over.