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It is so nice to imagine what something will look like, cut it, sew it and for the finished product to actually look like it. PERFECT.

I saw lovely wrap around skirts when I was in Maylasia and, of course, even being a 'one size' item I knew it would be hard pressed to actually do up around my stomach/hips. So figured that is alright I will be able to make that really easily when I get back to Australia.

Some cutting, some pinning, sewing, unpicking and more sewing later and it is done. The tie part is actually a little too short, but thankfully I have a snap press and it is only for me so not that much of an issue and well you wouldn't know when it is on if I hadn't told you. What do you think?

At the same time I cut this one out I also did some light weight overalls for Kyla and used some of the remianing fabric, they are a little too long but with some shoes should work fine :)

Also did a pair of pants and matching top for a birthday present. They are a 5/6 and have an adjustable wasit. Really hope that they like them.



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  1. Penelope says:

    Oh Krys I love your skirt!!! Very clever girl!