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After a crazy Monday & a busy Tuesday morning it was nice to relax in the garden, watering, weeding & squirting the little naked ones with water while they squealed in delight.

After a few more harvest, my garden is coming along AWESOMELY! I just want to plant more & more, but seem to be fast running out of room.

Strawberries at the back, Capsicum & Lettuce in the other bed {this one also has peas at the other end}

Fennel & Beetroot, oh & Carrots {strawberries & more beets at the other end}

Check out my corn!We have cucumber flowers

The herbs are all going crazy

Also wanted to share pictures of my fabric flowering native. I have several of these in the yard & they are truly amazing.

And of course there is always new life in spring & our birds seem to have been getting busy

Will get more pictures of our newest friends over the weekend, thinking they should actually have some fathers {so are slightly less scary lol}

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After a tiring few days at market I have just done an order to stock up my fabric pile {alright so I possibly didn't need all of it but it jumped into my cart}.

Thought that I would share a few with you:

If there is anything here that takes your fancy & you would like something made, then just pop me an email or us the contact us tab from either our online store or facebook.

Right best get back to real work.

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When I am not sewing {or pretending to look after the household} I am out in my garden. Not something I have always loved doing but the more it shows me the more I love it & since the veggie gardens have gone in and I have actually managed to keep everything alive, well I love to be out there more {& would like to plant the whole yard as a massive veggie garden}.

The view from my kitchen window
{looks even nicer when the windows are clean}

The herbs

Mulberry stick turns into a mini tree

A Mango

The every growing Apple Tree

My blossom covered Lime Tree

One of the Olive Trees


Potato's are growing & hiding my lettuce

Other end has corn & cucumber {bushes}

Onions of all sorts

Crazy Tomato's of all sorts

Fennel & Beetroot
{the seedlings of carrots, spinach & more beetroot}

The tokkin Strawberries

My relaxing space

I have one more large silver bed ready to fill & a few more pots. Will get more celery, capsicum & a few other things. Pots are for blueberries & raspberries {hopefully}. Then there is another space near my laundry that we are about to make over {and full with wonderful compost I stole from my sisters house today} for my floor growers, so melons, cucumbers & possibly pumpkins.

Can't wait to show off my first harvest.

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So Sunday we went out to celebrate my Mum's birthday, a wonderful spring day with the family and an even better location.

Given that it has been a while since I made anything for Kaleb or let him pick anything from stock he was offered today & jumped at the chance. He choice a new limited edition number, which thankfully hadn't been added to the store yet. Of course with his choice came one for Kyla too {not that she needs anymore clothes full stop} because we didn't want all out war before we had even left the house.

So some pictures of my little models.

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Yesterday saw our first market at Hillary's.

A wonderful location, amazing view, just a pity that the weather didn't really play the game. Regardless we went, we saw & we came home :) Here are some pictures from the day:

Before I show you pictures of my stall, here is the what I could see all day!

Full to the brim of stuff for your little man

All set up & ready to go

My little chicken enjoying the outlook at the end of the day

It was also lovely to catch up with Katherine from The Savannah Room who popped down for a look, also to meet the creator of Bay Bo, Vanessa from The Hairclip House. Looking forward to the next market at Hillary's on 9th October 2010!