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When I am not sewing {or pretending to look after the household} I am out in my garden. Not something I have always loved doing but the more it shows me the more I love it & since the veggie gardens have gone in and I have actually managed to keep everything alive, well I love to be out there more {& would like to plant the whole yard as a massive veggie garden}.

The view from my kitchen window
{looks even nicer when the windows are clean}

The herbs

Mulberry stick turns into a mini tree

A Mango

The every growing Apple Tree

My blossom covered Lime Tree

One of the Olive Trees


Potato's are growing & hiding my lettuce

Other end has corn & cucumber {bushes}

Onions of all sorts

Crazy Tomato's of all sorts

Fennel & Beetroot
{the seedlings of carrots, spinach & more beetroot}

The tokkin Strawberries

My relaxing space

I have one more large silver bed ready to fill & a few more pots. Will get more celery, capsicum & a few other things. Pots are for blueberries & raspberries {hopefully}. Then there is another space near my laundry that we are about to make over {and full with wonderful compost I stole from my sisters house today} for my floor growers, so melons, cucumbers & possibly pumpkins.

Can't wait to show off my first harvest.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh, it looks amazing Krys! Great work!

    I wish I had a garden view from my kitchen; I have a carport view! :P

  2. yes actually that was also my dream a simple garden full of green vegetables. That would be so pleasing and more delicious to my eyes.