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Today's plan, finishing something two new items I have pinned upstairs.

#1 is a hat, bloomers & top set
#2 is a hat, bloomers & dress set

They both look totally adorable, in my head just need to make sure I can create them to look just as good in finished products.

While I am here however, here are somemore items that I have finished in the last 48 hours (with still plenty more to come).

David Walker Rockets Cord Shorts

Timeless Treasures Cord Pants
18-24 months

Amy Butler Applique Elephant Top
Size 2

Alexander Henry Applique Elephant Top
Size 3 (long sleeve)
Timeless Treasures Reversible Pinafore

Red Flowers Pinafore
Size 3/4

Timeless Treasures Reversible Pinafore
Size 6-12months

I have somemore for those wonder bring spring Yellow Timeless Treasures dresses almost finished, can't wait to see what you think of these ones.

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Yes that is right I am off the markets again in August and have been

Honestly am not sure if my name is Auther or Mather :)

August however is run the same weekend as the Mundaring Truffle Festival which is supposed to be a rather large event so I will be at the market for both the Saturday & Sunday.

Not sure what I have gotten myself in for and am pretty sure my good friend C isn't sure what she has gotten herself in for either given how pregnant she will be come August.

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I am still truely amazed at what a wonderful piece of fabric, alright pile of fabric can be turned into. Have turned into a little bit of a crazy shopping woman the last week and I haven't even shared half of the new prints I have here.

Here are some of the new items that will be loaded online shortly, once I have a little more time up my sleeve but for those of you in WA come and see them, in person at the Truffle Festival.

Cord Pinafore with Sandi Henderson trim
Size 6months

Swing Top from Alexander Henry fabric
Size 12-18months

Swing Top from Alexander Henry fabric
Size 12-18months

Stripwork Skirt from Timeless Treasures fabric
Size 4/5
Reversible Tie Shoulder Dress from Alexander Henry Fabric
Size 6-12months

Applique Apple from Robert Kaufman Fabric
Size 3-6months

Reversible Cord Pinafore from Sandi Henderson fabric
Size 4/5
There are still loads more to come, more to finish sewing, more to finish off and even more than I have on the planning board to cut out. Plenty of more applique tops on the way too.

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I had a custom order for AIO nappies for a wonderful woman expecting her first child, she wanted something different and something that I have done before on the odd occasion.

She wanted an inside out nappy, as I have decided to call them. A panal of the inside fabric on the outside so that everyone can see the wonderful prints she has picked for her new little addition. So here they are, size Inside Out Nappies:

While I creating these I also decided to make some for stock give the last few I had made from David Walker & Keri Beyer fabrics had walked out the door so fast. So here are some for the little woman:

I have mountains more nappies cut that are there to be finished now my hemp arrived and is in the dryer as we speak. Standard AIOs, Small/Medium Snappy Nappies & of course more Inside Out AIO Nappies, in Medium too.

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only to be behind another!

WOW I can't believe how unbelievably busy my life has gotten, this post alone has taken me nearly two days to finish and load. Has been very busy over this side of chilli Australia, thankfully the sun is out this week which is helping somewhat with the motivation.

Here are so of what has been created.

From the adorable Timeless Treasures Fabric a Reversible tie top dress
Size 6-12m

Pinstripe Cord Pants
Size 2/3

Pinstripe Cord Pants
Size 6-12m

Custom Order PJ Pants
Size 3

Custom Order PJ Pants
Size 5

Custom order Revserible Dress
made from custom selected Amy Butler Fabric
Size 4/5

I'll be back with some more pictures soon, promise. Those items that aren't for custom orders will all be available online after our appearance at the August Markets.

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I know, things have been a little quiet around these parts haven't they. Well I am still here just hidden under a mountain of fabric, pins & cotton :)

On the upside there is a large number of wonder new fabrics being turned into adorable creations for little tots ready for the weekend market, entire weekend market that is going to be in August. Add to that some new nappies that I have cut ready to sew and things are really crazy around here.

I did however get inspired while sewing the other day to take some 'work in progress' pictures and thought I would share them here.

The view from my sewing room window
(excuse the dirty window, the weather has been terrible here)

The pile of cut/pinned items to sew

Overlocking in progress

The sewing pile

Sewing in progress

The pile of half sewn items ready for pinning part two

Will be back in the new few days with some pictures of some finished works to share.

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Because they should be shot!

I went to get a few (read: wrote a list of what was needed, was to stick to it) fabric items, mostly for nappies and for some custom made PJs that have been ordered. Came home with three bags full of fabric and still didn't get everything on my list *sigh*

Thankfully I have today cut almost 70% of the cotton fabrics into wonderful new items to take to the markets in August, which is something, I guess.

In the goodie bags yesterday I got the following items:

These first three are from Sandi Henderson

From Michael MillerTimeless Treasures

I have already cut a beautiful little reversible dress out of the TT fabric, a pinafore out of some of the SH and am going to do some shorts with matching top out of the MM fabric.

Been a very productive few days in the fabric selection and cutting department here.

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Home again, well you know the rest :)

So yesterday was our first every IRL Market and considering I went with very little expectations of how the day would pan out and up until Saturday was scared of the weather...


Even considering, according to many of the regulars it was a very quiet day, it was a Success for me none the less which is wonderful.

Lots of interest, lots of people who will be returning next month for specific sizes & items. More importantly a bulk order for nappies and lots of brochures taken.

As I expected our boys range caught the attention of plenty of people, as did our little hair clips & girls pinnies/reversible dresses. So it is going to be a busy month this month preparing for August not to mention finalising the sewing of our July nappy stocking.

Here are a few pictures, sorry bout the lack of detail/quality where a little rushed :) Promise better ones next month after our market weekend