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Home again, well you know the rest :)

So yesterday was our first every IRL Market and considering I went with very little expectations of how the day would pan out and up until Saturday was scared of the weather...


Even considering, according to many of the regulars it was a very quiet day, it was a Success for me none the less which is wonderful.

Lots of interest, lots of people who will be returning next month for specific sizes & items. More importantly a bulk order for nappies and lots of brochures taken.

As I expected our boys range caught the attention of plenty of people, as did our little hair clips & girls pinnies/reversible dresses. So it is going to be a busy month this month preparing for August not to mention finalising the sewing of our July nappy stocking.

Here are a few pictures, sorry bout the lack of detail/quality where a little rushed :) Promise better ones next month after our market weekend

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  1. Katy says:

    That's fantastic Krys!! And the store looks fantastic and well stocked as well.