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Today's plan, finishing something two new items I have pinned upstairs.

#1 is a hat, bloomers & top set
#2 is a hat, bloomers & dress set

They both look totally adorable, in my head just need to make sure I can create them to look just as good in finished products.

While I am here however, here are somemore items that I have finished in the last 48 hours (with still plenty more to come).

David Walker Rockets Cord Shorts

Timeless Treasures Cord Pants
18-24 months

Amy Butler Applique Elephant Top
Size 2

Alexander Henry Applique Elephant Top
Size 3 (long sleeve)
Timeless Treasures Reversible Pinafore

Red Flowers Pinafore
Size 3/4

Timeless Treasures Reversible Pinafore
Size 6-12months

I have somemore for those wonder bring spring Yellow Timeless Treasures dresses almost finished, can't wait to see what you think of these ones.

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