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I had a custom order for AIO nappies for a wonderful woman expecting her first child, she wanted something different and something that I have done before on the odd occasion.

She wanted an inside out nappy, as I have decided to call them. A panal of the inside fabric on the outside so that everyone can see the wonderful prints she has picked for her new little addition. So here they are, size Inside Out Nappies:

While I creating these I also decided to make some for stock give the last few I had made from David Walker & Keri Beyer fabrics had walked out the door so fast. So here are some for the little woman:

I have mountains more nappies cut that are there to be finished now my hemp arrived and is in the dryer as we speak. Standard AIOs, Small/Medium Snappy Nappies & of course more Inside Out AIO Nappies, in Medium too.

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