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After a crazy Monday & a busy Tuesday morning it was nice to relax in the garden, watering, weeding & squirting the little naked ones with water while they squealed in delight.

After a few more harvest, my garden is coming along AWESOMELY! I just want to plant more & more, but seem to be fast running out of room.

Strawberries at the back, Capsicum & Lettuce in the other bed {this one also has peas at the other end}

Fennel & Beetroot, oh & Carrots {strawberries & more beets at the other end}

Check out my corn!We have cucumber flowers

The herbs are all going crazy

Also wanted to share pictures of my fabric flowering native. I have several of these in the yard & they are truly amazing.

And of course there is always new life in spring & our birds seem to have been getting busy

Will get more pictures of our newest friends over the weekend, thinking they should actually have some fathers {so are slightly less scary lol}