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How slack have I been in updating after the fabulous Mathilda Markets on the 21st March 2010?

So here are a few pictures of our little stall. It was a wonderful location in comparison to the last one, have a very full feeling at times and we certainly where busy little bees. A big THANKS to Raelene for her help on the day, was nice to have the company & assistance.

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Just a little reminder that about out Mad March GIVEAWAY!

Make sure you are following {can do that over there >>>>>>}, leave a comment on this post to put your name into the draw. Leave an additional comment with the link to your blog or social media comment for that additional entry.

We are 23 fans away from making our 100 fan drawer. Got nothing to lose by following & entering now.

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I simply can't believe that my littlest woman, my only girl, my baby girl, my last baby is 2 tomorrow. This time 2 years ago I was large, pregnant, uncomfortable and wondering when she would make her arrival. Little did I know that she would be here this time the next day or that my waters would break on the couch or that she would arrive very VERY quickly after contractions started.

That she would be well above average, rolly, polly & beautiful. She opened my eyes and made her way into my heart.

Happy Birthday Kyla

You have changed so much {obviously} since your last birthday, become your own determined little person and girl who knows what she wants & when. You are very much like your brother {and I} and could talk under water, you get extremely frustrated when we can't work out what you are say but for the most part you are confident and understandable. You have the most amazing outlook and love to dance around the room, pull cheeky faces and can make me smile just by giving me your cute look at me face.

You can go from happy to tantrum in under 5 seconds, something which I hope you grow out of sooner rather than later or I might just go mental. You love anything animals and that is all you talk about, 'bok boks' are by far your favourite and you love to wear your chicken dresses.

Your eyes make me melt and your hairs makes everyone comment. You are so little and roll-less compared to when you where smaller and continue to get bigger by the minute {height wise & personality wise I mean}.

You are the sunshine in my day {and your Dad's} and I can't wait to see what the next year with you brings.

Happy Birthday again baby girl

Love & Kisses
Mummy {& Daddy, & Kaleb}

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Running late again but here are the last of the great specials as part of the Cloth Nappy Hunt, still not to late to register & take advantage. Here goes:

I think I am in *love*, but sadly my daughter is out of nappies more often than in them. Go over and check out these awesome nappies at Bubblebubs, they are currently on special for 15% OFF {nappy hunters get an additional 10% off with your code}

Head over to BOWtique and check out some of there wonderful accessories. Registered hunters can get 10% off their purchase too.

I'm on the hunt myself for something for my little one to wear to bed so this hunt discovered could be used to my advantage. Head over to Earthlings and check out their great range of organic clothing items for your little one. Hunters they are offering 20% off too!

Check out this store, they have some awesome wall decals. Am totally in love with these ones, now just to work out who I can get them for. They are from Little Birdie Decor, pop over and take advantage of the 10% off with the hunt registration code.

Lastly pop over to Woddle Bots who has 15% off currently with an additional 15% for those happy hunters with your code.

Well this is the last Thursday Treasures with the Nappy Hunt as it finishes on the 31st March 2010, so make sure you register and take advantage.

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Just a little reminder that about out Mad March GIVEAWAY!

Make sure you are following {can do that over there >>>>>>}, leave a comment on this post to put your name into the draw. Leave an additional comment with the link to your blog or social media comment for that additional entry.

We are 30 fans away from making our 100 fan drawer. Got nothing to lose by following & entering now. Because I am feeling even more generous tonight, I will even DOUBLE the 1st giveaway if we make it to 100 fans before Friday {so the 26th March 2010}

Help me to make someones {or a few} weekend.

{DOUBLE giveaway for 100 fans: need to be at 100 fans by COB Friday, WAST}

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I am a very slack member of Blog This a blog designed around participating in challenges, on different things every week. Gives all of us in blog land a chance to branch out and read blogs we wouldn't normally, a really great time vortex!

So this week I decided it was time to jump into a challenge and no better challenge than a photography based one. It gave me a chance to jump back in time.......

To remember one of my favourite views, a view I hope to get back to, enjoy and even live, one day.

This is where I stay on my honeymoon, an amazing Spa Retreat on the side of a hill over looking the amazing South West Coast of Western Australia.

My other favourite view is of sleeping children and there are two reason for no pictures. #1 When my sleeping children well sleep I don't go in or out.... I leave them do just that sleep #2 Would be because my youngest, well doesn't really do sleep very well at all LOL

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Appears that all of my creative energy has been focused on clothes lately or clothing related items that the bottoms of little tots are missing out.

With a delivery expected {hopefully next week} I am thinking it might be time to focus some of it onto Nappies. Was looking through old blog posts and it made me realise that I haven't {A} done anything new since the Stripe-It last year or {B} made a ruffle bottom for ages, could nearly say years. {see this post}

My question is for all of those MCN buyers/addicts out there what would you like to see? What makes you want to buy a nappy?

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Do you ever find yourself wondering what if?
What if you had finished that studying?
What if you had brought a different house?
What is you had done this?
What if you had done that?

I am dreaming, daily of a sea change. Of up & moving my family, my business & animals to somewhere quiet, peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle.

Why haven't I done it yet?
Another thing I think of daily and really the main reason is security.

How do you move past that?
Do you follow your head or your heart?

So may questions, so few answers.

How many of YOU have actually taken the leap? Tell me to do it and that everything will work out if I do!

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Appears that I missed a week, sorry last week was a little crazy as I was tied to the sewing machine.

So here is this weeks Thursday Treasures showing you some more great bargains available to hunters of the Cloth Nappy Hunt.

You can never find much online for boys, let alone the bigger boys out there. But A Little Bit of Cheek has it and they are even offering 15% off to hunters, which means that these are a steal.

These Bamboo Blankets are to die for. Two layers of super soft fabric which would be perfect for your little tot. You can find these at Babyjo and hunters can even get free postage.

Twinkle Lily is an awesome little store with a great range of organic products, these PJs are just awesome and most certainly caught my eye. They have heaps of wonderful unique items available for tots of all sizes and for hunters 15% off.

These tails from MissChief Marker are sure to be a hit with all of the tots in your house. They are even on sale and the hunters get free postage too.

If only I had a small enough tot I would so be adding some of these shoes to my collected. They are from Little Hipsters and look just adorable. Even better is that hunters can get 10% off.

Even if you don't want to hunt, go and have a look at some of these bargains and registered to take advantage of them.

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Just an update.

Apologise for those that have been having problems leaving comments, pretty sure we have fixed it now.

So pop to our GIVEAWAY post, share it with your friends and get yourselves into the draw.

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Mathilda Markets are this weekend!

For those in Perth be sure to pop down and see us there, we'll have some wonderful Market specials and all our new products {which are yet to be added online} will be there for the taking {well for the purchasing}

We'll even have our shiny new EFT machine there for your all to us.

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It has been a while between competitions over here at Inspired by Children so I thought that we should pop one in for March.

The competition will run from now until the 31st March 2010 and is a great way for you to get your hands on some wonderful prizes.

Make sure you are following {can do that over there >>>>>>}, leave a comment on this post to put your name into the draw. Leave an additional comment with the link to your blog or social media comment for that additional entry.

What do you need to do? Simply follow our blog & for an extra entries simply share our competition with people on your blog or social media page {and let us know you have done it}.

What is the aim? Reach 200 followers by the 31st for the big main prize, but to make it achievable and interesting let's have some small giveaways too {because we all love to win prizes}

When does it finish? 31st March 2010

What are the prizes? The most important question of all, so here they are {with the follower numbers too}

100 Fans
A wonderful Ears the Elephant & Funky Frog

150 Fans
A set of three Take me Tools

200 Fans
Pick from either a pair of shorts or stripwork skirt

Make sure you leave a comment on this post to put your name into the draw. Leave an additional comment with the link to your blog or social media comment for that additional entry.

Happy Following {and be sure to share this wonderful & simply giveaway with all your friends}

All entries will be drawn at random using, details will be published on our blog when the draw is done with the winner announced. Winner simply then need to contact us to arrange for delivery.

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Time to admit it, well to someone other than my husband.

My name is Krystie and my biggest weakness is ICE-CREAM!

I love it. Anyway I can get it, anytime of the day and almost any flavour.

There is just something bout it cool, creamy goodness that calls my name. No matter what the weather.

So, go on, share what is your weakness?

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A big thanks goes to my friend De from Deanna Whyte Photography for taking all of the images for me. It was a mamoth task with 4 little ones who wanted to play but they have turned out amazing.

Very natural, very Woddle Bots and more importantly very fun!

'Autumn Woodlands'
{These first ones are perfect for the start of the cooler weather. They look amazing simply as they are or add a pair of tights, over jeans & skivvies to make it work for the coming cooler months

'For the Little Men'
{These are an assortment of items for the little man in your life. Funky tops, cool shorts & soft warm cord pants}

'Retro Flowers'
{These are from our latest for Summer but would work well for the cooler months. Add some tights, a top and you are ready to go}

'Tea Party Collection'
{This is by far my most favorite collection. It is everything that is a little woman}

Thanks again De for a wonderful morning, the images look amazing.