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I simply can't believe that my littlest woman, my only girl, my baby girl, my last baby is 2 tomorrow. This time 2 years ago I was large, pregnant, uncomfortable and wondering when she would make her arrival. Little did I know that she would be here this time the next day or that my waters would break on the couch or that she would arrive very VERY quickly after contractions started.

That she would be well above average, rolly, polly & beautiful. She opened my eyes and made her way into my heart.

Happy Birthday Kyla

You have changed so much {obviously} since your last birthday, become your own determined little person and girl who knows what she wants & when. You are very much like your brother {and I} and could talk under water, you get extremely frustrated when we can't work out what you are say but for the most part you are confident and understandable. You have the most amazing outlook and love to dance around the room, pull cheeky faces and can make me smile just by giving me your cute look at me face.

You can go from happy to tantrum in under 5 seconds, something which I hope you grow out of sooner rather than later or I might just go mental. You love anything animals and that is all you talk about, 'bok boks' are by far your favourite and you love to wear your chicken dresses.

Your eyes make me melt and your hairs makes everyone comment. You are so little and roll-less compared to when you where smaller and continue to get bigger by the minute {height wise & personality wise I mean}.

You are the sunshine in my day {and your Dad's} and I can't wait to see what the next year with you brings.

Happy Birthday again baby girl

Love & Kisses
Mummy {& Daddy, & Kaleb}


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