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So Sunday we went out to celebrate my Mum's birthday, a wonderful spring day with the family and an even better location.

Given that it has been a while since I made anything for Kaleb or let him pick anything from stock he was offered today & jumped at the chance. He choice a new limited edition number, which thankfully hadn't been added to the store yet. Of course with his choice came one for Kyla too {not that she needs anymore clothes full stop} because we didn't want all out war before we had even left the house.

So some pictures of my little models.

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Yesterday saw our first market at Hillary's.

A wonderful location, amazing view, just a pity that the weather didn't really play the game. Regardless we went, we saw & we came home :) Here are some pictures from the day:

Before I show you pictures of my stall, here is the what I could see all day!

Full to the brim of stuff for your little man

All set up & ready to go

My little chicken enjoying the outlook at the end of the day

It was also lovely to catch up with Katherine from The Savannah Room who popped down for a look, also to meet the creator of Bay Bo, Vanessa from The Hairclip House. Looking forward to the next market at Hillary's on 9th October 2010!

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It must be a Saturday type thing because yet again my husband is snoring next to me {man he would die if he knew I had told you all that} and I have just purchased some more fabric. Some for clothing, some for bibs and some for stripe-it nappies & maybe even wetbags.

What do you think?

There are a couple more but the puter isn't playing the game tonight, so you will all just have to wait to see what is created with them :)

As always if you see something you like & would like something made up, simply contact us to discuss.

Night all

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Alright so it wasn't quiet that bad! But after sunning the day away yesterday it was head down today before the weekend market and next store stocking.

So today some pictures of my 'day with no sun', which isn't technically right given there is actually sun coming in the window, but not the same as being outside.

A pile of things for your little man
{there are around 20-25 sets, I lost count}

Tops on the top of the list, for a custom order.
Let's start sewing :)

Of course, proudly brought to you by.....

Finishing some Necky Dresses
{in mini sizes}

And ready for top stitching

So that is what happens when you hide in the house. You cut out a million items, pinned & ready to go. You finish overlocking some custom orders & stock dresses. You top stitch and have them sitting next to you ready to cut cottons on.

Will bring more pictures before the weekend of the work in progress of these awesome boys sets.



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Name this dress competition winner is contained below....

A big THANKS to those that took the time to vote, I really appreciate it, makes my job that much easier & it is always nice to give something away.

The totals are as follows:
#1 - Pocket full of Posies {Pocket full} - 2
#2 - Moppet - O
#3 - Bohemian Child - 0
#4 - Miss Molly - 12
#5 - Boho Babe - 4

Was close for a while there between #4 & #5 but Miss Molly has come out as the winner!

Now the winner of the $40 voucher*, selected at random from those that votes for Miss Molly is............

Rachel Koopmans

Rachele just send me an email and I will give you the voucher details :)

Results obtained using Random Number Generator.Com

Random lottery number between 1 and 12 5

Thanks again to everyone that joined in & I look forward to doing it again soon :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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We are going to try something NEW & EXCITING for summer! A limited range of organic items for your little man & little woman. What are they I hear you asking, well funky cotton/hemp shorts for your little man & a funky dress for your little woman.

What do you think??

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Alright so phase one is over, big thanks to those that took the time to share their suggestions with me. I have selected the names from those suggested here.

What now?
See a name you like then please comment here on our blog or over on facebook with which name you would like our new design to have.

The names?
#1 - Pocket full of Posies {Pocket full}
#2 - Moppet
#3 - Bohemian Child
#4 - Miss Molly
#5 - Boho Babe

Voting closes COB Friday 10th September 2010.

The suggestion that is selected from the poll {which will close the following Wednesday - so we can load the stock} will then win a $40 voucher*

The WINNERS of the $10 voucher* from phase one of our competition are:

~ Jenny C ~
~ Anita ~
~ Vicki ~
~ Liss ~
~ Tambo ~

Could all of the winners please email me at for your voucher details.

* Not to be used in conjunction with any other sales, offers or discounts. Available for use on all in stock items and valid till 31st December 2010.

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Another year and yet another Father's Day has been & gone!

After my wonderful sleep in and lovely bacon & eggs we spent the day together as a family. Simple day in the sun, working on the yard & admiring all of the lovely plants. All of the new growth and plans for more {which we actually did this afternoon}.

So after breakfast I got snap happy around the yard, here are a few:

Lettuce patch, but it also has my spuds sprouts coming up too
{YAY everything has grown, even the ones the puddy dog pulled out several times}

Fennel & Beetroot one end
Strawberries the other
{with plenty of space for something else in between}

Tomatos & Onions

Will share more garden pictures in the next few days {blogger isn't playing the game tonight}. My little Mulberry tree is covered in fruit, my apple trees have new shoots & my Silky chicken is just adorable {not to mention my chicken dress loving chicken}

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I have got some new dresses here that need a name. A new design with funky fabrics, in different a few combination's ready for the new season that has started.

How do you enter?
Comment below with your suggested name - this will give you one entry into the draw

Share with your friends the details of the competition will give you another entry {to do this so I can track simply post the link of your facebook page with an @Woddle Bots so I can see it on our page}

Entries close Sunday 5th September 2010 @7pm WAST

I will then select 5 of the suggestions for people to vote on. Those that are selected for the pole will receive a $10 voucher* for use in our online store.

The suggestion that is selected from the poll {which will close the following Wednesday - so we can load the stock} will then win a $40 voucher

Following are a few different pictures of the dress to give you an idea of the style. It will be available in sizes 0 - 4 {possibly 5} in various combination's.

A model picture for good measure
{not the best picture, tis of one of the samples I made for Kyla}

So put your thinking caps on for me & share them all, nothing is to obscure. The sooner I name this dress the sooner I can load them to the online store.

Happy Thinking!

* Not to be used in conjunction with any other sales, offers or discounts. Available for use on all in stock items and valid till 31st December 2010.