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Alright so it wasn't quiet that bad! But after sunning the day away yesterday it was head down today before the weekend market and next store stocking.

So today some pictures of my 'day with no sun', which isn't technically right given there is actually sun coming in the window, but not the same as being outside.

A pile of things for your little man
{there are around 20-25 sets, I lost count}

Tops on the top of the list, for a custom order.
Let's start sewing :)

Of course, proudly brought to you by.....

Finishing some Necky Dresses
{in mini sizes}

And ready for top stitching

So that is what happens when you hide in the house. You cut out a million items, pinned & ready to go. You finish overlocking some custom orders & stock dresses. You top stitch and have them sitting next to you ready to cut cottons on.

Will bring more pictures before the weekend of the work in progress of these awesome boys sets.




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