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Another year and yet another Father's Day has been & gone!

After my wonderful sleep in and lovely bacon & eggs we spent the day together as a family. Simple day in the sun, working on the yard & admiring all of the lovely plants. All of the new growth and plans for more {which we actually did this afternoon}.

So after breakfast I got snap happy around the yard, here are a few:

Lettuce patch, but it also has my spuds sprouts coming up too
{YAY everything has grown, even the ones the puddy dog pulled out several times}

Fennel & Beetroot one end
Strawberries the other
{with plenty of space for something else in between}

Tomatos & Onions

Will share more garden pictures in the next few days {blogger isn't playing the game tonight}. My little Mulberry tree is covered in fruit, my apple trees have new shoots & my Silky chicken is just adorable {not to mention my chicken dress loving chicken}


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