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Yesterday saw our first market at Hillary's.

A wonderful location, amazing view, just a pity that the weather didn't really play the game. Regardless we went, we saw & we came home :) Here are some pictures from the day:

Before I show you pictures of my stall, here is the what I could see all day!

Full to the brim of stuff for your little man

All set up & ready to go

My little chicken enjoying the outlook at the end of the day

It was also lovely to catch up with Katherine from The Savannah Room who popped down for a look, also to meet the creator of Bay Bo, Vanessa from The Hairclip House. Looking forward to the next market at Hillary's on 9th October 2010!


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  1. Liss says:

    Oh you poor thing, that looks like a HORRIBLE place to hang out! Joking of course, looks fabulous, shame about the weather though :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    Marvelou this photograpy