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Our Retailer "Handle with Care" will be taking some of our products with them to an up and coming market in September.

They will be at Canberra Handmade market on Saturday 12th September from 10am-4pm. It is held at the Yarralumla Woolshed in Canberra.

Be sure to pop down and check out all of their wonderful products including some great boys sets & applique t's, not to mention our AIO nappies.

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Well after my wonderful holiday, although I will admit I did terribly miss both the men in my life, I am home with Kyla and back to the normal day to day life.

With a few changes, J worked on the office while I was away. New floor, painted the walls and then we went shopping to refit it out. Oh.My.God it looks amazing and just how I pictured it. Just need to finish moving the finished clothing/nappies into their new homes down stairs and we are all set.

Wonder how long it will stay looking this good??

I am totally in love with my new hard wood floor, not to mention how well the red.

Here are some moved in pictures. Although it has changed, there are move of the red boxes, 2 cupboards above the drawers and another set of drawers down the middle.
Would you believe that I still need to go back and get move red boxes??? Ikea two days in a row and I still didn't get everything, opps!

I am all inspired and now really want to do up my creative sewing space upstairs, sadly the shed and driveway are coming first so it will have to wait a little longer.

Promise to be back with what is happening, what I have been spending money on (opps) and what is in the pipeline soon. I am running with my current cleaning bug and getting some much needed catching up done around the very neglected house.

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Some of you may or may not know that I have Woddle Bots products listed at several different online place:

Oz Handmade
Made It

Well I had an email just now from someone advising me I had been selected by Kids Style File from products I had listed on Made It!

WOW how exciting for me. Check out the article here

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For my much needed holiday to Melbourne. Little K & I leave tomorrow afternoon for just over a week away. It should be a great break but I will admit the close it gets to being here the more I am getting sad I am leaving my two men for that long.

Another thing that I can't wait for is several packages that I am expecting. Fabric being the most of them, of course but also somemore headbands.

You can play too here

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While at the markets on Sunday we had the pleasure of being next to Megan from Wildflower Botanicals and did she have some wonderful products on offer.

We did an amazing swap, still thing I got the better deal as mine is extremely enjoyable. I got the Fruit Insufions Selection and after trying two of blends so far I am totally in love. They smell amazing while brewing and taste even better while drinking them. Information from her site:
A boxed gift pack containing six 10-serve bags of each of the following blends: Sunset Divine, Autumn Spice, Lemon Delight, Pure Bliss, Heavenly Night, Mountain Mist

I can most certainly see this becoming a rather large addiction. On the upside she is just down the road from me so I do get to save on postage :)

Go on have a look, you will be able to see, although not smell for yourselves.

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Amy Schimler On a Whim Owls Earth
Erin McMorris Poppy Dot Floral Navy

Erin McMorris Poppy Dot Floral Brown

Joel Dewberry Orchid Mulberry

Alexander Henry Mirrabelle Red/Orange
Joel Dewberry Orchid chocolate
Joel Dewberry Orchid Mulberry

Robert Kaufman Metro Market Fresh ApplesAlexander Henry Sew Now Sew Wow Multi

Timeless Treasures Owls Brown

Michael Miller Zoology Black
Michael Miller Flower Shower Expresso

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WOW another busy weekend, well for me at least.

Saturday was terrible weather so a very slow start to the weekend but today, there was so.many.people. Plenty of interest, plenty of sales so that was great made it worth while and meant I could come home and possibly purcahse more fabric.

C & I had a great laugh too, which was awesome!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:

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I discovered this today over at ButtonsByLouLou and it is perfect because:

It is Tuesday and I can't wait for my headband from Hey Evangaline to arrive in the post! Jill is actually having an Etsy break at the moment but was lovely enough to still do an order for the above for me. Although now I think about it I think it will be an I can't wait to buy me somemore of these wonderful head pieces.