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While at the markets on Sunday we had the pleasure of being next to Megan from Wildflower Botanicals and did she have some wonderful products on offer.

We did an amazing swap, still thing I got the better deal as mine is extremely enjoyable. I got the Fruit Insufions Selection and after trying two of blends so far I am totally in love. They smell amazing while brewing and taste even better while drinking them. Information from her site:
A boxed gift pack containing six 10-serve bags of each of the following blends: Sunset Divine, Autumn Spice, Lemon Delight, Pure Bliss, Heavenly Night, Mountain Mist

I can most certainly see this becoming a rather large addiction. On the upside she is just down the road from me so I do get to save on postage :)

Go on have a look, you will be able to see, although not smell for yourselves.

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