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After a very slow start to the last week, I managed yesterday to finish an outfit for Kyla and also a few other bits & pieces that I have had cut out for a while.

The top is similar to the dresses I have made in the past, but has a crossover at the front. It does look cut but definitely need to work on the design. The pants are just a simple short, but gathered with an adjustable waist.

Size 1

Another Rah Rah Skirt with the last of the Retro Dot Fabric

Size 2/3

Of course another Cupcake Party Dress

Size 1

A Purple Paisley neck tight Dress

Size 1

Of course, and I will entirely blame someone else for this (you know who you are Miss R) I went to the fabric shop yesterday, just for a look. Funniest thing I have said in a long time, me looking in a fabric store. I did manage to get some bargins, now just to work out what to do with it all.

I think I need to join a group called "Fabric Shoppers Anon" because my double cupboard upstairs is full of fabrics and yet I keep buying more. This week I have also agreed to by a heap of flannel of someone over east as she isn't using it anymore, like I need more flannel for nappies

Not sure how much more creating will happen in the next few weeks as we are off overseas on Thursday morning (bright and early mind you) for a holiday. I however might manage to get some cutting down of some of the new and wonderful fabrics I seem to be collecting.


Oh and before I forget my lovely husband has hinted that he might let me buy a new sewing machine.... How exciting

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A quick note on a wonderful blog I found this morning while having my morning tea (thanks Anita!). It's called Handmade Kids and WOW is there some amazing handmade things that she has found on her travelings of the www.

Also Kathryn has put up a great entry about local handmade markets, check it out at Aussie Kids Boutique.


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I often look at my children and can only imagine what they are seeing through their eyes, what they are thinking, how they are feeling. Sometimes Kyla has this amazing look on her face, like the whole world is wiating for her to explore it or she makes an adorable sound that says it all.

I look into their eyes and just wonder....

Surely I am not the only person that does this or that could possibly sit for hours on end just looking at their eyes. Another thing that amazes me is how different our eyes can be in comparison to our family members, people with the same parents. Truly we really are all unique, even if at times we don't think or feel it.


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A few minutes to myself to have a quick look at what was out in the land of www for me to dream of purchasing for kids, for me to use to make something for the kids. Oh there really are some wonderful things out there.

This is one of my first finds, a store on Etsy called OneFatSlug. I so wish that I could knitted more than just a scarf.

This is adorable and a desgin that I have cut ready to make for Kyla already. Not as fancy as this one, in a plainer print which is more my style but this one is bright and would brighten up a winters day. It is from Ogekko.

I found these adorable hairclips, they are just so cute. They come from Siiri and there is a great range of other products in store too, now if only I could decide on which ones to get for Miss Kyla, or maybe for my neice for her April birthday.

And one last find before I have to rush off to a friends place for lunch.

These are by far my favourite find for today and definately on my present purcahse list. They are from Rosieok and one of many beautiful handmade toys available.

Even better they are only $3.00 each, BARGIN!

Enough window shopping for today.


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I had two of these finished by Monday night. Amazing what you can achieve when your children play happily, alone, without you for a change.

Am totally in love with this first set. I rarely put Kyla into orange to be honest, but this is different. It sits so nicely on her and works well with the applique tee. What do you think??

They aren't the best pictures of Kyla modeling but she didn't appear to want to play the game Tuesday morniong, so this was all I could get. BUT....Yes that is right. I made another white based thing for Kyla and well the top was absolutely filfithy before she went for her lunch time nap, but she did look ever so cute to start with :). Maybe I need to lock her into the house or strap her to a high chair to keep her clean, because it really doesn't matter what colour she has on the results are always the same. How on earth to other parents manage to do it? or are they just really good at washing??

Regardless she did look cute and I am no doubt going to put her in it again.

I also finished this set too, fabric that we have seen before (which is now all but gone) in a matching set too.

So that is it for the minute, I have a couple of dresses cut, another skirt and a top/pants set. Let's see if I can find the time to sew them before our holiday as I would love to take the later away with us for Kyla.


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I stole this idea from one of the girls on a forum I regularly visit.

It was such a great idea and gave me somewhere, other than my already full fridge to display drawings & paintings that Kaleb likes to do. The plan is to keep them on there for a while and then move them into a display folder for him for a rainy day :)

Honestly was so simple. I made mine from: a canvas (obviously), wooden letters, silver paint, coloured paint, ribbon and paperpins.

S I M P L E = simple

Of course I had to make one for each of the children and hopefully come the weekend they will both be hanging up on the wall in our toy room.




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That is what Kaleb came out with yesterday afternoon after asking me 10+ times, "Cake please Mummy", "Just a little cake please Mum".

I informed he that he had to wait until I was ready, #1 they where still too hot and #2 I still had to make the frosting for them. This was around the time he came out with "Mum you are making me frustrating". When I asked him why, his response "its frustrating not getting a cake Mum"

I had to laugh, he was ever so cute and most certainly serious in his frustration.

What he was after I hear you asking.....THESE

Strawberry Cupcakes, with Strawberry Frosting

They tasted absolutely amazing too might I add. I got the recipe from here. I did more of the pureee in both and it certainly made a difference I think.



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Whoever said air conditioning was a luxury obviously didn't have a two story house in 40 degree weather. Our air con had a little holiday last week and it made it totally unbearable while trying to get children to sleep and during the day. Thankfully it was fixed before the hot weather arrived again yesterday.... Not something I would like to go through again.

That said I haven't actually managed much sewing while the children nap over the last week or so as it has just been plain to hot upstairs. So I made some nappies in the mornings while Kyla napped & Kaleb played and that was it till Monday/Tuesday when I finally managed to finish these off.

Rah Rah Skirt with matching Top
(Top size 1 & Skirt size 1/2)

(Size 2/3)

I also have cut upstairs and ready to sew another two skirt & top sets, as well as a cute little cupcake party dress. Not entirely sure who they are for or that Kyla needs anymore but well I have the fabric so need to do something with it, right?

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Children are just drawn to cakes, even before they know what they are they want them. Kaleb was instantly drawn to cakes, before he had even tasted them. Honestly it is like children know they are full of sugar and will give them an instant high.

Give that Kaleb just turned 3 and I made a birthday cake I figured an entry about all things cakes was on the cards. We have done lots of baking of late, not idea why because I don't *need* to eat it and it has been so hot but Kaleb likes to take Dad 'special treats' when we visit, so homemade cupcakes it has been.

So here are some of my recent creations

Vanilla Butter Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting

Chocolate Mud Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting
(both the Cupcake & the Frosting have chocolate fudge in them)

Neapolitan Cupcakes with matching Frosting

Vanilla Buttercakes with Vanilla Frosting & candy flowers

And of course the most important one for the last month, Kaleb's Third Birthday Cake. It is made from Banana Cake with a Cream Cheese Frosting.

Hoping to get some more made today to take up to a friends place tomorrow, but this will (a) depend on children (b) depend on motivation and (c) if I have everything in the house.

Happy Drooling


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At the end of last year we decided to finish the backyard, Justin built a cubby house for Kaleb (well and Kyla eventually) and next to it we decided to put in a Chook Pen. Kaleb was over the moon and it is great to have somewhere to put scraps.

I always wanted something different at a child, then we moved to more land when I was in high school and Dad got his 'girls', so we stole (I mean borrowed) 4 from him for our place. So anyways rambling away.....onto the point.

Every morning Kaleb goes down to the chook pen to check for eggs, peeking through the passionfruit vine on the fence to look into the nesting box. Every morning he gets super excited to see them and he goes to get them. Every other day we let them out to wonder the yard, every other day the wander around. It is so funny to watch the chickens follow Kaleb around if he has food and run away when he is swinging a golf club.

So this morning, for the first time in ages I decided to take pictures of Kaleb on his morning ritual.

The passionfruit on the front of the fence

Even managed to get flowers this year not sure if we will get fruit

The girls

What Kaleb sees when he looks through the fence in the morning

He checks for the eggs and is so careful when he collects them

Proudly showing it off to me

So that was it for another day and we will do the same all over again tomorrow. Kaleb will get excited and I will enjoy watching him be excited.

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...... honest it wasn't me, someone else did it for me.... Was all in the fingers!

Who's idea was it to window shop again?

I stumbled across this amazing fabric store late last night and decided to have a look see today, BIG MISTAKE. It is Belsize Square and WOW do they have some amazing fabrics. I have never purchase from them before today, so can't wait to see what the fabrics are like. Now the wait begins, I really do hate waiting.

Anyways to the exciting part, what I got.

Blush Vintage Stripe by Sandi Henderson

Petal Party Pink by Sandi Henderson

Fuchsia Fresh Poppies by Amy Butler

Pink Happy Dots by Amy Butler

Can't wait to use it and get creative, so many ideas on what I can make for my little girl.


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Is always ONLINE!
There is honestly no other way than to window shop these days, especially with two small children. Don't need to leave the house, just need to find 5 minutes of peace to have a look. Something happens I leave the page open and pop back when I have a chance.

So taking 5 tonight while hubby was cooking dinner I decided to have a look at Made-It for the first time in a while and of course, me being me went straight to the children's section. There are some really wonderful items there, some a little scary and some over prices but thought I would share some items that jumped out at me to remember for the day I have a spare few $$

This is just adorable. I found it here and really like how simple and unique they are.

And again with the white. I really love the simple white pants with this set I found here, it works really well with the Vintage Inspired top. I really do have a thing for the vintage look in homemade clothes.

So many more pages to look through and so many other items that have caught my eye, but that is it for the minute as my baby is awake, again.

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There is nothing worse than a sick little one, tis heart breaking when you know that there is something wrong and yet you don't know what it is or what exactly will fix it :(

Kyla is totally out of sorts today, she is even more cuddly and clingy than normal. Which wouldn't generally be an issue except that it is so hot here at the moment and my aircon died on Tuesday morning so the house is even worse.

Guess the only positive is watching her sleep on my chest like she did when she was she was a newborn. Nothing beats the peacefulness that is a sleeping child, so sweet and innocent, so gentle and at restful.

Sigh off I head to check on my baby.


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I am still playing catch-up from the end of the year and thought now would be the perfect time to show you some inspired purchases I made just before Christmas for my two little ones.

Have been eyeing off items from Kathryn at All You Need for ages, well honestly since she started the new store but have held off or spend money elsewhere. I decided that Christmas was the perfect excuse to make a purchase for Kyla and then there was a sale so another outfit for each I just had to make.

So what did I purchase I hear you asking, here goes:

This adorable Samba Cupcake Dress in a 1/2 for Kyla. She has worn it once and while a little too big she looked adorable. Kathryn also made me up matching hair accessories, but at the moment its a little too hard to get them modelled as you can well imagine.

Then later in the sale I got this great applique top from the Little Critter Ranger for Kaleb and matching shorts., he wore it Christmas Day and looked adorable. Only have a picture of the top, not really the best picture either, however as the shorts for some reason didn't stay on him all day....

I also got Kyla another dress, although it isn't on the site anymore. It was from the Cha-Cha Range and I simply can't wait for it to fit Kyla. Also got a little skirt again it isn't on the site but it is a Jitterbug and ever so cute. I just need to find the perfect top to match it now and we are set. Must take pictures to share with you all.

Can't wait to see what Kathryn & her Mum come up with for Christmas.


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Been a busy week here, with preparations for Kaleb's 3rd Birthday along with working on some sewing projects, only one of which I managed to finish 100%. Now where do I start.....

Monday Kaleb & I popped to the shop to get some elastic, last minute items for Kaleb's party and other bits & bobs. Kaleb was pretty excited to be having a trip to the 'shops' with just Mummy & him, which was nice, although he was slightly disappointed at the shop I picked to visit. Anyways I grabbed what I needed, of course spied some fabrics, which I didn't need but grabbed any. Some nice reds based fabrics this time, all cottons. Some I have in mind for dresses/skirts & some others for some shorts with matching applique tee for Kaleb.

Then while they where getting cut Kaleb picked out this one.

He was adamant that I get it, so I decided it would work if I made a shirt & shorts set. I finished it yesterday and it doesn't look too bad, if it looks alright on then he will wear it tomorrow for his 3rd Birthday.

I have also cut out a skirt in that purple paisley I posted about earlier, with a matching applique tee. They are for the wonderful Shell's little girl once I finally finish off the skirt, can't wait to see what it looks like on her little princess Charlotte.
Speaking of turning 3 & birthdays, whoever decided that decorating cakes in 30+ degree heat was a good idea, lied. Thankfully the cake turned out alright after much stopping and starting due to my non sleeping little lady, my sons obsession with cars definitely helped with the inspiration behind that one (pictures to follow promise).

Best run, busy day in this house tomorrow