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I am still playing catch-up from the end of the year and thought now would be the perfect time to show you some inspired purchases I made just before Christmas for my two little ones.

Have been eyeing off items from Kathryn at All You Need for ages, well honestly since she started the new store but have held off or spend money elsewhere. I decided that Christmas was the perfect excuse to make a purchase for Kyla and then there was a sale so another outfit for each I just had to make.

So what did I purchase I hear you asking, here goes:

This adorable Samba Cupcake Dress in a 1/2 for Kyla. She has worn it once and while a little too big she looked adorable. Kathryn also made me up matching hair accessories, but at the moment its a little too hard to get them modelled as you can well imagine.

Then later in the sale I got this great applique top from the Little Critter Ranger for Kaleb and matching shorts., he wore it Christmas Day and looked adorable. Only have a picture of the top, not really the best picture either, however as the shorts for some reason didn't stay on him all day....

I also got Kyla another dress, although it isn't on the site anymore. It was from the Cha-Cha Range and I simply can't wait for it to fit Kyla. Also got a little skirt again it isn't on the site but it is a Jitterbug and ever so cute. I just need to find the perfect top to match it now and we are set. Must take pictures to share with you all.

Can't wait to see what Kathryn & her Mum come up with for Christmas.


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