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Been a busy week here, with preparations for Kaleb's 3rd Birthday along with working on some sewing projects, only one of which I managed to finish 100%. Now where do I start.....

Monday Kaleb & I popped to the shop to get some elastic, last minute items for Kaleb's party and other bits & bobs. Kaleb was pretty excited to be having a trip to the 'shops' with just Mummy & him, which was nice, although he was slightly disappointed at the shop I picked to visit. Anyways I grabbed what I needed, of course spied some fabrics, which I didn't need but grabbed any. Some nice reds based fabrics this time, all cottons. Some I have in mind for dresses/skirts & some others for some shorts with matching applique tee for Kaleb.

Then while they where getting cut Kaleb picked out this one.

He was adamant that I get it, so I decided it would work if I made a shirt & shorts set. I finished it yesterday and it doesn't look too bad, if it looks alright on then he will wear it tomorrow for his 3rd Birthday.

I have also cut out a skirt in that purple paisley I posted about earlier, with a matching applique tee. They are for the wonderful Shell's little girl once I finally finish off the skirt, can't wait to see what it looks like on her little princess Charlotte.
Speaking of turning 3 & birthdays, whoever decided that decorating cakes in 30+ degree heat was a good idea, lied. Thankfully the cake turned out alright after much stopping and starting due to my non sleeping little lady, my sons obsession with cars definitely helped with the inspiration behind that one (pictures to follow promise).

Best run, busy day in this house tomorrow


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