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I stole this idea from one of the girls on a forum I regularly visit.

It was such a great idea and gave me somewhere, other than my already full fridge to display drawings & paintings that Kaleb likes to do. The plan is to keep them on there for a while and then move them into a display folder for him for a rainy day :)

Honestly was so simple. I made mine from: a canvas (obviously), wooden letters, silver paint, coloured paint, ribbon and paperpins.

S I M P L E = simple

Of course I had to make one for each of the children and hopefully come the weekend they will both be hanging up on the wall in our toy room.




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  1. Kat says:

    they look great, I've made something similar for Mackenzie but hers is a photo bard, and yeap mine is still waiting to be hung on her wall :)