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At the end of last year we decided to finish the backyard, Justin built a cubby house for Kaleb (well and Kyla eventually) and next to it we decided to put in a Chook Pen. Kaleb was over the moon and it is great to have somewhere to put scraps.

I always wanted something different at a child, then we moved to more land when I was in high school and Dad got his 'girls', so we stole (I mean borrowed) 4 from him for our place. So anyways rambling away.....onto the point.

Every morning Kaleb goes down to the chook pen to check for eggs, peeking through the passionfruit vine on the fence to look into the nesting box. Every morning he gets super excited to see them and he goes to get them. Every other day we let them out to wonder the yard, every other day the wander around. It is so funny to watch the chickens follow Kaleb around if he has food and run away when he is swinging a golf club.

So this morning, for the first time in ages I decided to take pictures of Kaleb on his morning ritual.

The passionfruit on the front of the fence

Even managed to get flowers this year not sure if we will get fruit

The girls

What Kaleb sees when he looks through the fence in the morning

He checks for the eggs and is so careful when he collects them

Proudly showing it off to me

So that was it for another day and we will do the same all over again tomorrow. Kaleb will get excited and I will enjoy watching him be excited.

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  1. Emily says:

    What a lovely morning ritual to have. Enjoy all those fresh yummy eggs!