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That is what Kaleb came out with yesterday afternoon after asking me 10+ times, "Cake please Mummy", "Just a little cake please Mum".

I informed he that he had to wait until I was ready, #1 they where still too hot and #2 I still had to make the frosting for them. This was around the time he came out with "Mum you are making me frustrating". When I asked him why, his response "its frustrating not getting a cake Mum"

I had to laugh, he was ever so cute and most certainly serious in his frustration.

What he was after I hear you asking.....THESE

Strawberry Cupcakes, with Strawberry Frosting

They tasted absolutely amazing too might I add. I got the recipe from here. I did more of the pureee in both and it certainly made a difference I think.



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