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Is always ONLINE!
There is honestly no other way than to window shop these days, especially with two small children. Don't need to leave the house, just need to find 5 minutes of peace to have a look. Something happens I leave the page open and pop back when I have a chance.

So taking 5 tonight while hubby was cooking dinner I decided to have a look at Made-It for the first time in a while and of course, me being me went straight to the children's section. There are some really wonderful items there, some a little scary and some over prices but thought I would share some items that jumped out at me to remember for the day I have a spare few $$

This is just adorable. I found it here and really like how simple and unique they are.

And again with the white. I really love the simple white pants with this set I found here, it works really well with the Vintage Inspired top. I really do have a thing for the vintage look in homemade clothes.

So many more pages to look through and so many other items that have caught my eye, but that is it for the minute as my baby is awake, again.


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  1. Meagan says:

    That set is so cute!