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I seriously need to stay away from the shops, all shops. I have a serious spending problem on fabrics at the moment, well that and food. In the past two weeks I have brought so much fabric and now all I want to do is make some wonderful girlie things from it.

Feel free to throw some suggestions at me as to what I can create with these, both ones I have used in the past and the new ones magically found their way to my house.

Am totally in love with this purple paisley print. Have made a skirt already for my niece with this one and really would love to make something for Kyla, just not sure what.

This last one is another one I feel in love with. So very old looking, yet should make something so perfect for a little person.

Really do need to stop purchasing fabric for girls and find some nice prints/patterns for Kaleb, he is seriously starting to miss out.


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And not only with preparing for family to be here, but with sewing up a storm for family, friends and of course Kyla. I actually popped into Textile Traders, randomly last week and found some awesome prints to sew up. Some new and some that worked perfectly with other fabrics I had already brought.

Here are a few of the items I whipped up:

Some lightweight overalls

A tiny skirt for a tiny person

A big skirt for a bigger person

A cupcake pinafore

Another cupcake pinafore

Next is Miss Kyla in her Christmas Dress. I had some Christmas fabrics in the cupboard that I had intended to make some nappies with, but decided last year it was too nice for that and well my little girl arrived and it seemed like the perfect use for them. She certainly looked very red.

(Not such great pictures of her wearing the dress, but you get the idea hopefully)

Once I can get my children to stay still for long enough I will share some recent purchases I made for them both for Christmas. Kyla's is an adorable dress and Kaleb a matching set in bright red.


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Why would anyone (namingly me) create a dress for a crawling child in WHITE!

If your answer is you have no idea, well that makes two of us because it is so painful to clean. Thankfully it is ever so adorable looking on my 9 month old daughterKyla. Even with her pale coloured skin, in the right light it just makes her have this gleam, this adorable glow.

I found the fabric at a local craft store and decided to get some to make a skirt for my niece (4.5 years), which did (sorry forgot pictures but will get some) and had enough left over to make two dresses.

One dress for my niece (12 months) and one dress for my Kyla . It is full lenght, has a small bodice at the top and ties around the neck. Unlike the one I made for my niece this is all the same fabric and really does look adorable both and off.

It is a white, light cotton fabric and has different ruffles & patches stitched onto it (so I can't take credit for that myself, certainly don't have that much time on my hands). The ruffles & patches just break-up the white without being too over bored.

I absolutely love her in white, no matter how hard to clean it is. Actually I think I like all children in white, there is just something about white & children. So crisp, clean and young. Kaleb has had a few white items, all of which have only lasted for a wear or two before being stained beyond cleaning - Oh well boys will be boys!


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1st things first. Creating something cute, inspiring, different for a bottom is hard. Most children start in nappies and end in undies, nothing overly cute nor inspiring about either of those two. However might I say that Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN) do allow you to feel somewhat inspired and creative when it comes to what is well on the bottom.

I've been creating MCN since not long after my son Kaleb was born. It has been a great outlet for me both creatively and with my addiction to shopping, and umm fabrics. Having had a little boy I discovered there isn't too much you can do to make his nappies, well pretty. So I set to creating some nappies perfect for little girls. Some past pictures of a few:

A perfect bow to tie at the front or back

Some ruffles for your bottom

Something fluffy & white, with some pretty pink too

I really do go through stages with my nappies and how creative I am feeling. I have so many ideas, but no time and sometimes, well most times it is actually the motivation that holds me back. One day, some day they might all come about.


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I have long considered starting a blog, writing a blog, sharing creations on a blog. Appears that a quiet, lonely Boxing Day Night is the time to do such a thing.

Inspired by Children, is just that a place inspired by my children, all children. I see so many items that catch my eye, create so many or think of creating them and it's time to share those with others who like me are inspired by their children. I will play catch up for a few posts, share past creations, pictures, ideas before heading into a new and inspiring 2009.

So share your inspiration with me and enjoy me sharing mine.