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And not only with preparing for family to be here, but with sewing up a storm for family, friends and of course Kyla. I actually popped into Textile Traders, randomly last week and found some awesome prints to sew up. Some new and some that worked perfectly with other fabrics I had already brought.

Here are a few of the items I whipped up:

Some lightweight overalls

A tiny skirt for a tiny person

A big skirt for a bigger person

A cupcake pinafore

Another cupcake pinafore

Next is Miss Kyla in her Christmas Dress. I had some Christmas fabrics in the cupboard that I had intended to make some nappies with, but decided last year it was too nice for that and well my little girl arrived and it seemed like the perfect use for them. She certainly looked very red.

(Not such great pictures of her wearing the dress, but you get the idea hopefully)

Once I can get my children to stay still for long enough I will share some recent purchases I made for them both for Christmas. Kyla's is an adorable dress and Kaleb a matching set in bright red.


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