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1st things first. Creating something cute, inspiring, different for a bottom is hard. Most children start in nappies and end in undies, nothing overly cute nor inspiring about either of those two. However might I say that Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN) do allow you to feel somewhat inspired and creative when it comes to what is well on the bottom.

I've been creating MCN since not long after my son Kaleb was born. It has been a great outlet for me both creatively and with my addiction to shopping, and umm fabrics. Having had a little boy I discovered there isn't too much you can do to make his nappies, well pretty. So I set to creating some nappies perfect for little girls. Some past pictures of a few:

A perfect bow to tie at the front or back

Some ruffles for your bottom

Something fluffy & white, with some pretty pink too

I really do go through stages with my nappies and how creative I am feeling. I have so many ideas, but no time and sometimes, well most times it is actually the motivation that holds me back. One day, some day they might all come about.


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  1. Shell says:

    Ahhh pretty nappies! Miss them already... I need another girl, simply to bring out your gorgeous bow nappy again!