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I seriously need to stay away from the shops, all shops. I have a serious spending problem on fabrics at the moment, well that and food. In the past two weeks I have brought so much fabric and now all I want to do is make some wonderful girlie things from it.

Feel free to throw some suggestions at me as to what I can create with these, both ones I have used in the past and the new ones magically found their way to my house.

Am totally in love with this purple paisley print. Have made a skirt already for my niece with this one and really would love to make something for Kyla, just not sure what.

This last one is another one I feel in love with. So very old looking, yet should make something so perfect for a little person.

Really do need to stop purchasing fabric for girls and find some nice prints/patterns for Kaleb, he is seriously starting to miss out.


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  1. Shell says:

    I LOVE the purple paisley! Can you make a ra-ra skirt with that - layered with plain purple?
    Would look really cute with a white top (to incorporate your love of white too hehe)