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Why would anyone (namingly me) create a dress for a crawling child in WHITE!

If your answer is you have no idea, well that makes two of us because it is so painful to clean. Thankfully it is ever so adorable looking on my 9 month old daughterKyla. Even with her pale coloured skin, in the right light it just makes her have this gleam, this adorable glow.

I found the fabric at a local craft store and decided to get some to make a skirt for my niece (4.5 years), which did (sorry forgot pictures but will get some) and had enough left over to make two dresses.

One dress for my niece (12 months) and one dress for my Kyla . It is full lenght, has a small bodice at the top and ties around the neck. Unlike the one I made for my niece this is all the same fabric and really does look adorable both and off.

It is a white, light cotton fabric and has different ruffles & patches stitched onto it (so I can't take credit for that myself, certainly don't have that much time on my hands). The ruffles & patches just break-up the white without being too over bored.

I absolutely love her in white, no matter how hard to clean it is. Actually I think I like all children in white, there is just something about white & children. So crisp, clean and young. Kaleb has had a few white items, all of which have only lasted for a wear or two before being stained beyond cleaning - Oh well boys will be boys!



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  1. Anita says:

    I love kids in white too; and Miss Kyla is gorgeous!