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And this week my wishlist shopping locations come from the Nappy Hunt sponsors. Have you checked out The Great Cloth Nappy Hunt yet? Why not?

There are awesome stores, wonderful prizes & great discounts to be had during the month of March.

Here are just a few items that caught my eye tonight while having a little hunt around.

Check out these cute little hair clips from BOWtique.
Registered for the hunt, then you can get 10% off your purchase with your registration code.

I am in toy heavan with this next shop. WOW is all I can say about their range of wonderful Eco Toys. There is one of everything that I need {or is that really want?}

Honestly I have never seen this site before today, but it is bright, fun & eye catching. Such wonderful ideas over there at Giggle Smile Designs. This especially caught my eye,

These are something that I always wanted for the wall for my kids, but I'll be honest I was always to slack to organise. So Kyla is getting her big bed shortly so I might just have to finally get her name for the wall to go with it. These ones are definitely top fo the list, from Scamps Boutique.

Check back next week for some more great stores that are sponsoring the hunt.


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