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I have been very slack, with the Blog This challenges both here and on my other blog. So here I am back again for Challenge 7.

The challenge I hear you asking, is this:
Tell us fifteen fascinating, far fetched, frightening, funny or frivolous facts about yourself. Those bits of trivia that are floating around in your life. Can you eat 10 burgers in one sitting? Do you sleep with your eyes open? Can you tie a cherry stalk into a knot? Speak 5 different languages?All those things that you've bored your friends and family with for years - We want to know

Alright I will get started now, can't guarantee that they will be exciting or fascinating but I will try.

1. Sewing, obviously is a favourite pass time of mine
2. Shopping is something that relaxes me & stresses me out all at the same time
3. I love to cook, although my hips don't
4. Motivation is something that comes & goes, regularly
5. I need personal space, sometimes crave it
6. Holidays are things we don't take enough of but I love camping
7. We would move to Melbourne in a heart beat
8. I hadn't read a book since leaving high school until this year
9. Sleep used to be my favourite way to pass the day, BC
10. Friends are something that seem to come & go more regularly than I would like
11. I have been married 5 years in October
12. October also means that I will be 30
13. I have fleeting thoughts of a third child, although would never admit that to my husband
14. Must sleep with doors closed, or a monstor might come in
15. AND LAST ~ my 30 things before I am 30 list isn't going all that crash hot..... better get to it me thinks.

Well there you have it 15 facts, not overly exciting but they are me or is that is me.

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3 Responses

  1. thanks for sharing! I also wrote about the doors being shut! lol

  2. Katy says:

    We're both 30 in October!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bethwyn says:

    I used to sleep to pass the day away before kids, too. Oh how I miss that!