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I know, things have been a little quiet around these parts haven't they. Well I am still here just hidden under a mountain of fabric, pins & cotton :)

On the upside there is a large number of wonder new fabrics being turned into adorable creations for little tots ready for the weekend market, entire weekend market that is going to be in August. Add to that some new nappies that I have cut ready to sew and things are really crazy around here.

I did however get inspired while sewing the other day to take some 'work in progress' pictures and thought I would share them here.

The view from my sewing room window
(excuse the dirty window, the weather has been terrible here)

The pile of cut/pinned items to sew

Overlocking in progress

The sewing pile

Sewing in progress

The pile of half sewn items ready for pinning part two

Will be back in the new few days with some pictures of some finished works to share.

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  1. Upcoming markets are both exciting and tiring! Great pics of the WIP :)

    I've given you an award, pop into my blog at to collect .