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With a sleeping baby, cold toes (wish I knew where those slippers where) and also a change in weather a perfect way to pass the time is to do some finger/window shopping.

I found these ones the other day, they are a Bouquet made entire of buttons. Always looks perfect, easier to clean than plastic plants and don't die like normal flowers. Discovered them on Etsy at letters4lilly

I am in love with these shoes, Kyla has a serious shoe shortage so many that can be an excuse to purchase a pair, honest just one pair. I found them here at Pedrosprout

Oh no a fabric site with amazing prints AND located in Australia. Thankfully not overly local to me but wow there is some amazing things there. It is called Fresh Fabrics and there is some great individual fabrics but also some great assorted packs, here are a few.

There are a few more finds that I will show you but it will have to wake as a certain little woman has awoken from her slumber, all be it a short one.



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  1. Penelope says:

    You are in SO MUCH TROUBLE girl....or is that me..when DH finds out I bought MORE material when I haven't even got my sewing machine out yet! (In my defence, I've been baking cupcakes!)

  2. Krys says:

    OHHHH I was good and didn't even buy anything if that will make him feel any better!

  3. Krys says:

    Opps so share what did you get??