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OK so this is the first time I have done this and I am so excited :)

I am going to run a competition, I need some help picking from the great range of fabrics I recently discovered - I'm in so much trouble - from Fabricworm. So what is the challenge I hear you asking???

I would like to pick four different fabrics, at least two that can work together to make creations for my Oz Handmade store. The person or person that fit the fabrics that best suit my needs will go into a random draw to win 1/2 a yard of their choice of fabric or a Woddle Bots creation made from them from their choice if fabric.

So get shopping, competition closes 7th May 2009 so that gives you a little under a week to pick the best fabric's possible :) Leave your links either in the comments or email them to me at


ETA - Also be sure to check out our Mad May Sales which starts today, for the entire month of May. One sale at Woddle Bots & Oz Handmade, different sales at different sites!

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  1. Liss says:

    For girls:

    For boys:

    Good luck hon! xx

  2. Vicki says:


    I love these