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It has by far been the most productive week I have had in a long time. Even managed to sew some nappies!

Not only did I finish the PJ's for Kyla in the last post, but I managed to do two pairs for Kaleb along with some cord/top sets for both of the kids. Although I managed to cut the pants for Kyla with the cord going in a tub fashion so they do look a little odd.

Alright here goes, we'll start with the boring PJs first

Then we have the applique top & cord pants set for Kaleb. I am a little disappointed with the finish of the cuff on the pants, but that was more from me making a silly mistake than anything else. Nothing anyone else can see or would notice, but I know.

Actually going to make one of these sets in a much smaller size as a present for a friends little boy.

Next is a set for Kyla. Has cord pants with matching ruffle, a adorable top made from the fabric I got from the US the month before last and an applique body suit. I think it looks great and should look even better one. Even thinking if the top still fits when it gets warmer again that I will do a pair of cotton pants to match the top.

Have grand plans tonight of cutting out a present for a friends new arrival, a present for my niece for her birthday and also a few Easter presents (we don't do chocolates for children in our family).


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  1. Kat says:

    oh I love that pink top for Kyla, gorgeous!!