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I mean really, how much fabric does one person need? When A ~ they currently don't have time to sew clothes as she should be making nappies for her stocking in umm a week and B ~ her children really do have more than enough clothes so neither shopping or A should be high on the list.

BUT I just can't help myself!
I must have more fabric, new fabric, different fabric. I see fabric and ideas of combinations come to my head and then of course I must have it.

Do I have anyone to blame for my latest shopping trip? Ummm NO not really, although I guess I could blame J as he didn't say NO to me going but that is a bit of a stretch.

So what did I get I hear you all asking.... 20 + METRES.....

So this one is actually for me. I brought a lovely LOVELY wrap skirt for myself when I was in KL and decided it was simple to make so got this to make another. Either that or some cool linen pants.

Am thinking of a nice pants/top combination for this set. It is a cotton drill so will be a warmer/heavier wear and can be layered nicely with any of those colour, although I would probably use white.

I just had to have all of these. Really love the first and the last (both bugs cotton). The others are a drill cotton. Going to do some dresses, keep some to go with cord for pinnies and even some top/pants combos.

These where an impulse buy while I was getting fabric cut. My girlfriend and I decided that they would make a great pair of overalls. The patches as the main part with the stripes as ruffle trim on the bottom, also on a matching top & a pocket. Although their is plenty of this drill so can probably do more than just that, we'll see.

So that was the trip. I could have gotten so much more but given I actually went to buy fleece I decided to stop when I was in front, so to speak. Can't wait for a few more weeks when hopefully there will be some cord and heavier fabric available for winter. Promise it will only be a couple and only what I need for what I plant o make....Sure K like we believe you.


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  1. Raelene says:

    Love love LOVE those butterfly ones. At least you actually sew Krys! I have no excuse so just stay away from fabric shops now

  2. Meagan says:

    They are all gorgeous, I think I need you to come shopping with me, you have great taste :)