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Given my currently need to bake all manner of yummy things I thought that a search for 'bake' on Etsy would show some wonderful items.

These cookies look simply adorable. Made from felt by Lindas Krafty Kreations they are a must for any little person's pretend kitchen.

A picture says a thousand words, as they always says and this one is no exception. Something for me to drool over. I discovered this at Lucky Bluebirds Art.

I obviously want to torture myself today because they wooden measuring spoons are just amazing. Something handy, something unique & something I Out Numbered Novelties.
What will they think of next?
Food on earrings, my children would want to try to eat them or maybe I would want to eat them. They even make ice-creams over at Baby Loves Pink.

Not sure that you want to search the word 'bake' on Etsy if you are hungry either because Oh.My.God there is heaps of yummy looking actual foods on there and now, at this time I want to go and bake :-). Enjoy!


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