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It can only mean one of two things:
#1 I am busy sewing or shopping?
#2 I am running the house...

Guess what, yet again has won in this instance. That's right #1.

So, I know things have been quiet but since my holiday I am still having serious motivation issues, not to mention serious time to get everything that needs to be done issues. Add to this trying to become a healthier me, family and well life is getting in the way of my lovely blog. I promise I will try to come back in more regularly.

For the moment however her are some wonderful new fabrics that I have orders and should be hear very shortly.

Joel Dewberry Columbine Natural

Windham Traffic Jam Stripes Blue
Windham Traffic Jam Dots Green
Windham Merry Mushrooms Chocolate

Of course there are also all of the fabrics that have arrived in the last few weeks, bit you will have to wait a few more days for pictures of finished projects to see those ones.

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