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Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim set a challenge for the weekend, here where the details:

{copied from FMS Blog}
This is how it works for those playing at home for the first time.
At some point this week you grab your camera {be it DSLR, polaroid, phone etc}.
You switch it on.
You pick some part of your weekend that you want to share {it could be the sun shining, the beach, your breakfast, your bed, your friend, your coffee, you, anything}.
You take your camera and you snap a picture of that something.
You come back on Monday and share your photo.
Easy and fun.
You don't have to be a photographer {I'm not}, you just have to have a sense of fun and a camera of some sort.

And of course here is my contribution. {not all technically from this weekend but pictures of me & mine nonetheless}

I am very impressed with the pictures that have me in them to because {A} that never happens, I am always behind the camera and {B} turns out my husband actually does know how to use the camera after all.


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