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We all love to dream of quiet, of tranquility & of all those things that seem so distant, yet so very real. I often wonder what goes through the mind of a butterfly, something I think is exactly those things. They, like many things come in different shapes & sizes, different colours & controls but they are all beautiful in their own way {something we should all remember of ourselves}. So today we look for butterflies......

These awesome butterflies are a great way to bring the outdoors, indoors. To help bring something wonderful to life in a bedroom, well any room really. From EvaQ, they are great value & it's made better with free worldwide shipping.

A butterfly for your little one to take with them everywhere, something for everyone to look at & admire. This adorable head elastic is from ButtonsbyLouLou and is simply elegant.

I'll be totally honest, my first thought when I saw this set was "that little one is so adorable, what a great shot", don't you agree? What a wonderful set of all things natural, so many wonderful things at Mountain Aven Baby just waiting to be checked out.

How cute is this little number?? What a great way to have a cute butterfly for all to see and for your little tot to have something, all of their own! Initial Here Gifts are right on the money with this idea.

A perfect way to teach the value of a dollar, while letting them know that we need to enjoy all things outdoors. This hand painted piggy bank as been transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Over at Andrea Wandell Designs there are many more things butterflies for your to flutter over.

There are hundreds and thousands of wonderful butterfly related items, some like the below are even free. Happy colouring.


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