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Sick of Rising Star Awards always relating to buff teenage footballer types?

Well, here at HMK we want to give a clever handcrafter this inaugural title!

We realise that it is hard for those of us starting out to have our products seen, heard and in some cases chewed on by the big wide world, and we want to give one newcomer the opportunity to reach a bigger audience.

What is the HMK Rising Star Award?

A store/individual can be nominated by self, friends, family, and colleagues for the 2010 HMK Rising Star Award.

The store/individual has to be:

(a) Located in Australia/New Zealand;

(b) Making/producing handcrafted items for kids or relevant to kids;

(c) Selling products on a website (including madeit, Etsy, etc);

(d) In operation for two years or less.

What does the HMK Rising Star Winner receive?

The winner of this prestigious award receives:

(a) A sponsors banner listing for an entire year with HMK

(b) A store feature and an interview to be spaced over the year

valued at $380.

How do I nominate?

In order to nominate a store, you need to send an EMAIL to with the heading title “NOMINATION“.

In that email tell us (hint: copy and paste the points below) -

  • Who you Nominate (provide URL); and
  • Why you nominate them.

The FIVE stores with the most nominations will go up for the big vote off. You can only nominate from each email address once.

Stores are permitted to nominate themelves.

When do nominations close?

Nominations close midnight on Australia Day (26th January 2009).

How is the winner chosen?

Once all the nominations are received and confirmed eligible, the Five top stores will be placed on Handmade Kids and voting will begin.

The store with the most votes during the voting period will be crowned HMK Rising Star.

If you want your store to receive colossal nominations, we suggest you get FB’ing, Tweeting, Emailing and Blogging. This is going to be BIG.

Good luck to all prospective nominees!

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