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Did someone say Applique??

I have been busy as a bee with some singlets. Yes I know we are heading into winter but these are heading to Etsy for those that might be enjoying the warmer weather, the weather we all wish we had right now. There are also some included that are a gift some some little twins that are due in the next few months and of course will fit into this in the warmer weather.

Size 2 'Keri Beyer' Rocket

Size 0 Hearts

Size 000 Hearts with Dots

Size 2 Stars

Size 000 Stars (for one of the twins)

Size 000 Heart (for one of the twins)

Size 1 Custom Applique T

Am looking forward to getting inspired with some T's in the coming weeks, have plenty of fabric here that I can get creative with and of course plenty more on the way.

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